Shibby: Mini? Max? MiniVPN? What's in each one?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by haertig, Dec 25, 2017.

  1. haertig

    haertig Serious Server Member

    Just bought me another router to use as an additional access point, so really, I could get by with any firmware that fits (including the OEM firmware), since my main router does all the heavy lifting and this new one will just be for WiFi connections.

    However, in the general case, how do you know what's included in what version? It looks like the ones below would fit on my RT-N12 D1:


    It also seems strange that the Mini is actually larger than the MiniIPv6, which is somewhat counter intuitive, since you'd think the MiniIPv6 would be the Mini plus IPv6, thus larger, not smaller.

    BTW, these RT-N12 D1's are only $14 from Amazon right now, with the rebate. Normally I would have gone with a newer Dual-Band router, but at this price, and with my area being fairly empty in the 2.4GHz band, I figured "Why not an RT-N12?" My computers benefit from higher speeds, and they are all connected via CAT-5e ethernet. I use WiFi for the "minor" devices that don't need great speed - cellphones, laser printers, Fire tablets, eBook readers, Echo Dots, etc. So a router with only 2.4GHz with it's greater range but a little slower in theory, and with only 10/100 WAN speed, is fine with me for an access point in my environment. The $14 price is icing on the cake!
  2. eibgrad

    eibgrad Network Guru Member

    Even a little cheaper today (12/26), $12.50 AR.

    I've collected quite a few of these (and the Asus RT-N10P) over the past few years for $5-10. Use them mostly for bridges and the lab (experimentation). For these purposes, they work quite well.

    As far as what's in each build, I don't recall seeing any documentation. I suspect most ppl simply install the largest build their router can support in the belief more is better. Seems the max builds contain everything possible, w/ rest eliminating one or more features to save space.
  3. Justio

    Justio Networkin' Nut Member

    You can check the attachment for more info but note that it is an old file.

    Attached Files:

  4. haertig

    haertig Serious Server Member

    Thanks. I do remember seeing that chart, or some version of it, years ago. I don't remember where I found it long ago, but you found it now, so thanks! As I suspected, for my current needs (access point only), any and every build that will fit on the RT-N12 should be fine. After all, for a wireless router to act as an access point, well, that's pretty basic functionality (it wouldn't a wireless router otherwise!) On my main router I use OpenVPN, JFFS and SSH and for that group of features you want to stay away from the "Mini" builds. But my main router has plenty of memory, so I wouldn't even consider one of the Mini builds for it.

    Now, what we need (ha!) is a "build builder". A list of features with checkboxes beside each one. Check only what you need, and it automatically creates a custom build for you. Then that would leave the max amount of flash memory available for JFFS. Plus, you'd have a better chance of squeezing tomato into your low-flash-size router and still get all the features you want.
  5. Justio

    Justio Networkin' Nut Member

    You can do that by removing features you do not need while compiling you own version.
    That "build builder" you talk about it is already made
    Check the 1st and 2nd commit(s) on top of the the list.

    I'm not a programmer and do not know how to take advantage of that code or change it :(.
    Now if someone here with skills is able to explain it, it would be nice piece to have.

    Also shibby has made available some building scripts

    MiniIPv6 version is smaller than Mini as it does not contain HTTPS (https=y has been removed at compilation).
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