Shibby with Dual Wireless + VLAN = continuous wireless drops

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by jbosque, Sep 4, 2014.

  1. jbosque

    jbosque Network Newbie Member


    I have installed the latest version of Shibby on the ASUS RT-N66U after having had some issues in the past which I thought would be solved with the new version. My configuration is not pretty complicated and yet, I cannot make it work smoothly.

    Router: ASUS RT-N66U
    Firmware: Tomato Firmware 1.28.0000 MIPSR2-121 K26AC USB AIO-64K

    Current set-up is:
    WAN disabled
    Br0: VLAN-1 (Port 3 and 4) + eth1 (Wifi-Personal) - Network
    Br1: VLAN-3 (Port 1 and 2) + wl0.1 (Wifi-Visitor) - Network

    eth1 is my current wireless network which I am using as the private network while, the wl0.1 is used as the guest network. The reason I am doing this is because then, I connect port 1 to the internet and port 4 to another internet (see note below).

    Everything seems to work fine, I see both wireless networks and I can connect using the free ports 2 and 3. I can connect to any wireless and surf as well as connect to other hosts in both networks, but, and here is the main problem, sometimes, absolutely random the wireless connection drops for a while. It can be after 3 minutes or after 30 and it last for some seconds. If I reconnect it generally connects well if I don't do anything, after a 30 seconds or a minute, connections seems to work again.

    Could anyone help me troubleshooting the issue? I have no idea what might be going on...

    Note: This is a simplify version of the setup because currently I am running the full network with 4 ASUS, several switches and a powerful firewall. Port 1 and 4 of Asus do not connect directly to the Internet but through a switch and a Firewall which is properly set-up.
  2. Siff

    Siff Serious Server Member

    Check whether your wireless parameters are "drifting": connect through the LAN ports and, when the wireless connection drops, check the parameters on the overview page.
  3. JoeDirte

    JoeDirte Networkin' Nut Member

    I've gone back to 115 on my RT-N66U because of the wireless drivers. It's been more stable for me than any of the versions since 115.
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