should I buy WAP54G to extend signal or another WRT54GL ???

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by slimjimfatboy, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. slimjimfatboy

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    should I buy a WAP54G to extend signal or another WRT54GL ???

    I feel like I should know the answer to this question after reading many posts but I am still unsure.

    1. I have DSL and a WRT54GL in my HOUSE.
    2. I can get good signal in the near side of my BARN.
    3. I CAN'T get a good signal in the far side of the BARN (it's huge).
    4. I want to have wireless LAPTOPS and PC's on far side of BARN.
    5. I figure I'll put a REPEATER in the near side of the BARN.

    can a WRT54GL do everything a WAP54G do... ie.. act as a WDS REPEATER....??? is there any reason to buy WAP over another WRT ??

    I want the REPEATER to both connect with the WRT54GL router in the HOUSE but also give wireless access to LAPTOPS in the BARN.
    which one should I buy to be my REPEATER??

    another WRT54GL or the WAP54G??

    I guess I'm a little confused when people say they have their WAP54G's on different channels, I would guess that they all have to be on the same channel, perhaps this is where a WAP is better than a WRT.... ie... perhaps the WAP can recieve full bandwidth on one channel and repeat full bandwidth on another channel, where a WRT can't do this???? (WRT's operate on only one channel????)


    (I actually haven't even bougth the first WRT54GL, I still have a befw11s4 v.2, but since that version hw doesn't even support lazy WDS, I don't think it helps my situation so it's being retired)

  2. jchuit

    jchuit Network Guru Member

    The wrt54gl as repeater

    To John

    The wrt54gl can act as a gateway and can be used with WDS.

    The original Linksys firmware supports upto 4 Lazywds connections, this for connecting to the wre54g (or other ap's)

    If you like to use the wrt54gl as repeater, you need to load a third party firmware. You can read more in the manual:

    There is no need, to buy a wap the wrt54gl can do everything. All wds systems work on one channel. The befw11s4 v.2 doesn't support wds (v4 does!), but this router is old, the wrt54gl will outperfom it on range and speed. The transmitpower of the Befw11s4 v.2 is around 85 mwatt.

    Tarifa firmware
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