Signal loss in 3-D games [WRT54G]

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Surenkin, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. Surenkin

    Surenkin Network Guru Member

    Hi. I have Buffalo webcard WLI2-PCI-G54 and Linksys WRT54G as my router. I have some serious troubles with signal loss in various games (basically in all of them). I have installed latest firmware and software for my router, I downloaded Buffalo´s client manager and all the settings should be correct (ports have been forwarded correctly, static IP assigned and so on).

    Here is the problem. When I start Counter-Strike or any other 3D-game in full window the signal drops out - completely. Any single or multiplayer will do this to me. If I press alt+tab and stay in desktop for a couple of seconds the game finds all the possible servers (game-window working in background). When I highlight the game-window (put it back on) signal drops out again.

    I decided to test the game in 800x600 so that I could see the desktop while testing it out - no use. But when I worked on desktop I actually saw how it connected into internet (desktop highlighted at this point). I just couldnt touch the game, because then it would drop out again. When it had joined I saw all players playing the game - window in the background again. I have about 0.5-1sec to work on the game window itself before my connection drops out.

    This has to be the most bizarre bug I have ever seen in my life. How could I fix it?
  2. Surenkin

    Surenkin Network Guru Member

    Does anyone know any possible tips. This thing is driving me crazy. :(
  3. Surenkin

    Surenkin Network Guru Member

    Now the game seems to run when it´s not in full-window mode. What the **** is this.
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