Signal Strengh and Quality not real?

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by iz4efn, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. iz4efn

    iz4efn LI Guru Member


    I'm running the last stable (v23 SP1) on a WRT54GL as AP, and I noticed that the signal strenght and, related to this one, the Link Quality, are not real.

    I also went (with another WRT) just 5cm far from the first antenna, which showed a 75% quality. Then every link longer then 200m looks to be under -87 as Signal Quality, wich results in a 15 or 16% max Quality.

    I also noticed that, for the first 5 seconds after a new connection, the S parameter and the resulting quality give resonable values, like 30 or 60% depending on the distance. After this first connection bootstrap, the signal drops as described earlier..

    Notiche that the orther 2 WRT54GL Clients used for the tests are also running that firmware and showed the same behaviour.

    Any idea? Are there issues with this feature in this firmware? I searched throught the forum but nothing was found about this.

    Thanks to everyone guys,

    Alessio - Italy.
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    what device is trying to connect to the AP 200m away? the problem maybe that since the WRT54GL cna send that far, but the other wireless device cannot send back the data to the WRT54GL due to lack of power or antenna.
  3. iz4efn

    iz4efn LI Guru Member

    The other equipment is a WRT54G, same firmware, same output power. They can anyway talk fine, link is stable, never crashes, the 11Mbit/s I choosed are provided. This happend also with another GL, same power, same firmware again.

    Just wondering how that received signal value is correct.
    Surfing this forum I found some guys saying they get a better signal after pushing the reset switch once, but I could not find that post anymore.

    I'm really courious, I can't realize if the link is such bad or (as it shoud be from other tests) it's fine but what I read as "Signal" is someway below the right value.

    Since I never have a 100% quality, even if I'm a finger far from the AP (max is 77%, don't remember the Signal value), this lets me think that the4 S reading is wrong!!

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