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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by destonomos, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. destonomos

    destonomos Network Guru Member

    After my 802.11b linksys router started having the regular interval studder connection problem I upgraded because office depot had the Netgear 802.11g router on sale for 30 bucks. I bought it and the studder I saw in video games almost all together dissappeared. Now I installed new drivers for my wireless adapter which is a linksys WMP54G version 4 adapter. I check the signal strength and its set at 76 to 79 (fluxes). What I want to know is If I buy the +7db gain antenna from Linksys will I see a noticable signal strength increase. I'm getting 76-79 percent because the computers are about 25 to 30 feet away and ther are 2 walls between the pc on the wireless network (its a desktop) and the router on the other desktop.

    would you suggesst the linksys antenna or are there better replacements to be had? If so, could you be nice enough to post them or a link for that matter
  2. destonomos

    destonomos Network Guru Member

    the problem that i'm worried about is that the minor studder (which is apparent in every video game I play online) is still there and I think it could be the wireless adapter. I don't want to buy a new antenna and it still be there because no antenna will fix a hardware problem. I put the new drivers on the adapter and the studder is still there.
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