SIPatH on Tomato

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by srouquette, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. srouquette

    srouquette Network Guru Member

    is there a way to install easily SIPatH on Tomato ?
    or to do something like the Tomato mod with OpenVPN ?
    I don't want to install dd-wrt with VoIP... :-/
  2. bokh

    bokh Network Guru Member

    I've checked out the latest code-release and tried to install it on the CIFS-mount.
    The many programs try to read and write from a base-system, so most of the code included needs to be adapted completely to be located on CIFS... that's a major rewrite, so nope: no easy way (yet).
  3. roadkill

    roadkill Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    you could just rip the package from dd-wrt and integrate it into Tomato...
  4. srouquette

    srouquette Network Guru Member

    how can I do that without building the source ?
  5. voxabox

    voxabox LI Guru Member

  6. srouquette

    srouquette Network Guru Member

    yeah... I may switch to OpenWRT if I want to use this, thanks for the link :)

    I was wrong...
    I read through the forum, and a thing I need is a transparent proxy, like siproxd.
    but still, seems to be easier to install it from OpenWrt.
  7. jochen

    jochen Network Guru Member

    Last weekend I installed OpenWRT/Milkfish, because I have 2 IP-Phones and hoped to have some advantages by Milkfish. But I was wrong, I could not see any advantage through milkfish, and phone calls were often interrupted.
    Configuring OpenWRT is a pain! Ever tried to configure port forwarding, qos or ddns? Terrible! :thumbdown:

    Now I'm back to tomato and happy again. :hearts:
  8. azeari

    azeari LI Guru Member

    well openwrt is for those who're comfy configuring using cli i guess. U get features and flexibility and give up ease of usage =) Ever gave x-wrt a try? i heard its gd but never tried it out since tomato fits my needs perfectly esp now that theres a openvpn varient
  9. jochen

    jochen Network Guru Member

    There is no milkfish plugin for X-WRT's webif.
    Without milkfish, OpenWRT has no advantages over Tomato. :smile:
  10. srouquette

    srouquette Network Guru Member

    someone confirmed that he installed OpenWrt+milkfish firmware (on milkfish homepage), then installed X-Wrt above (as an addon, not a full firmware)
  11. moshe

    moshe Networkin' Nut Member

    i will give my vote as well, for siproxd to be included,

    we are currently using OpenWRT/Xwrt for a couple of hundred customers for the sole purpose of siproxd (we left out QoS since it is to hard to maintain/set up or if it works at all) a few hardships we run into with OpenWRT are: A) the GUI is very confusing (a little to much), B) some time some routers hang till a reboot, C) every change has to be done by tech support and requires a restart D)and of course no QoS,

    so we are seriously looking into tomato for its stability and simple settings and of course QoS, the only issue is siproxd (with a GUI to control if_inbound = ppp for pppoe, eth0 or eth1 for DHCP or static, if it is possible) to be included in the install so we don't have to spend a lot of time configuring it on a mass level

    and it makes sense since it has great QoS which is great for VoIP with siproxd it opens a whole new market

    I'm ready to work on developing it with the help of the community

    any suggestions PM me

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