Site to site VPN and generic internet traffic routing

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by slohia, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. slohia

    slohia Addicted to LI Member

    I am trying to establish a vpn and an internet sharing with RV042 routers.
    There are 2 sites(HQ and site1) which have been connected with rv042(r1 and r2) thru a private network. I have another RV042(r3) at HQ where I have 2 internet connections connected to it and on a loadbalancing.

    When I activate the dhcp server ar r1, I am unable to get the internet at my local PC. What routing should I set up to get the internet also on the computer and route the vpn traffic to the site1.

    Also further I would like to have site1 receive the internet traffic thru the vpn tunnel. How could this be done.

  2. Sfor

    Sfor Network Guru Member

    Some informations are missing.

    First. You have two RV042 routers r1 and r3 at the HQ.

    I'm assuming they are both connected to the same LAN with the LAN ports. R1 is apparently used for just the VPN between HQ and site1. R3 is just the internet gateway.

    Do both routers use the same LAN subnet? If so it should be possible to route the traffic to the Site1 subnet by a single rule from the r3 through the r2. In other case things could be complicated.
  3. slohia

    slohia Addicted to LI Member

    Thanks Sfor for the quick response.

    R1 and R3 are on the same subnet ie 192.168.0.x
    R2 is on 192.168.1.x
    R3 is the internet gateway.
    R1 acts as the DHCP server and the VPN connection to R2. R1 and R2 and connected by a tunnel.
    I want all vpn taffic to be routed to R2 and internet traffic to be routed to R3
    Also from R2 all internet traffic should be routed to R3.
  4. Sfor

    Sfor Network Guru Member

    I see no possibility of routing the internet traffic directly from r2 to r3. To do so it would require to have a proxy server in the HQ. RV042 does not support routing internet traffic through the VPN, as far as I know.

    The simplest way to use the r3 as a the Internet gateway in the HQ would be enabling DHCP in the r3, disabling DHCP in the r1, adding a routing rule in the r3 directing all the traffic to the r2 site1 subnet 192.168.1.x through the r1.
  5. slohia

    slohia Addicted to LI Member

    thnaks for this. will try out.
  6. slohia

    slohia Addicted to LI Member

    Dear Sfor,

    Thanks a lot for your help. This worked.
    I am now looking at how to share my internet which is at r3 from the remote site r2.
    Can you please help.
  7. Sfor

    Sfor Network Guru Member

    According to my knowledge, it is not possible to do it without an additional proxy server, or something. But, I could be wrong.
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