Site-To-Site VPN using WRT54G's

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by AdamSnow, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. AdamSnow

    AdamSnow Network Guru Member

    Does anyone know if it is possible for me to setup a site-to-site VPN connection using two WRT54G routers?

    Through all my searching on the web, I keep seeing WRV54G... but what about the WRT? will it work?

    Anyone have any links on how to set something like this up? ANY help at all is appreciated. I don't know where to start...

  2. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    Check out the sveasoft forum. The WRT54G is the basic device needed to use alchemey or talisman.

    Truthfully, you'd be better of getting a "real" vpn endpoint router such as the Linksys WRV54G (50 PPTP/50 IPSEC VPN Tunnels), Linksys BEFVP41 (50 PPTP VPN Tunnels), Linksys WAG54G (5 PPTP VPN Tunnels) or a Linksys BEFSX41 (2 PPTP VPN Tunnels).

    I started out messing with sveasoft firmware but in the end, I realized although you "could" get a wrt to run with the flashed firmware, the unit isn't made for the additional overhead running vpns bring.

    Still, if you're not expecting to have a lot of clients, you can do it.

  3. AdamSnow

    AdamSnow Network Guru Member

    I'm just looking at having 1 computer connecting to my network... thats why I was wondering if I could...

    Dont really need the 50 tunnels at all, so I was going to see if I could use what I had on site... :)

    Thanks... I'll look into the other firmware.
  4. AdamSnow

    AdamSnow Network Guru Member

    Anyone else have any further information that would help me out?
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