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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by RickTick, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. RickTick

    RickTick LI Guru Member

    Newbie here,

    WRT54G v6. One desktop (xp home)and one laptop (xp home). Most of time set up with wireless disabled (using it as a wired router), but when wife uses laptop in living room, I turn on the wireless. Using MAC filtering and limiting DHCP to two units.
    SSID has been changed to a name that means something to me but no one else. Set up and running pretty good. Will be working on changing IP address to static and some other things. (any suggestions, help appreciated). Would appreciate input from forum members. I do not believe in asking forum questions without research on line etc first, but have come up blank on a few items asked below:

    Question 1 (https disabled). Default is http enabled. Possible to have https or both also enabled. What is purpose of https being disabled as default. Why would I want to enable https. Does this block access to https sites if not enabled? Did not seem to do so when I tried it.

    Question 2 (router name). Should a "router name" appear in upper right hand corner of set up utiility? Seems like it did once, but does not anymore. Possibly after I upgraded firmware to 100.9. Anyway, it does not appear any more. Further what is value of a name anyway. It does not seem to appear or be used anyplace else.

    Question 3 (connecting to disabled SSID). I realize that turning off SSID is not really a security measure. However, I do feel that for the casual observer, temptation is removed. Now my question. If I turn off SSID, my laptop (Compaq V 5101 US Persario) built in wireless system obviously does recognize it. If I program my wireless access page to its SSID it will connect, however, the next time I try to connect it has to be set up (the laptop) all over again. My research seems to support this, but was wondering if that has to be the case. Any help appreciated.

    Question 4 (lowering power output of transmitter). Because my WRT54G is quite close to the laptop when in use, the signal if full scale. As a security measure, is there any way to turn down the power?

    Queston 5 (XP update for WAP 2). Inorder to enable WAP 2, I had to download KB893357 from Microsoft on my laptop. Did not see anything in setup disk or utility that seems to acknowledge that. I thought that I had downloaded all XP updates both critical and others, but no where does this appear. Did I miss something or should it be included in setup info. Point is, if I missed it from Microsoft, then maybe I need to review my updating process.

    Question 6 (receiver/router error). When I run set up disk, get a message that says "Receiver (or Router, I cannot remember now) error while upgrading the router's language pack" Cannot find any consequences of this or any fix in any postings. Any comments? Is it a glitch to be fixed on a later upgrade?

    Answers to any or all appreciated.

  2. Guyfromhe

    Guyfromhe Network Guru Member

    1) that is for the web interface and has nothing to do with websites. For most people http access is fine to the web interface, the only real time you'd want to use HTTPS is to protect your password when remotely administring the device.

    I dunno about that firmware ver. It's really not that important for a home network.

    This doesn't really imporve security much...
    Most software will store the SSID once you give it one forever.. If your software isn't doing this it may be an issue with that software on your laptop and you should call your vendor to ask about it.

    You can with 3rd party firmware, however this really doesn't improve security much.

    You mean WPA2, AFAIK it should just work with XP... someone else who runs XP can probably answer this better though

    Which setup disk are you talking about?
  3. RickTick

    RickTick LI Guru Member

    Thanks so far

    1. https, I can live with that

    2. Router name, I see that it does not seem to matter, just like to know what it is for.

    3. Disabling SSID, yes I understand that it is not much security. I just cannot figure out why XP is set up that way, but research seems to say it is. Once connected I can disable SSID and everything works ok. If I reboot the laptop, then I have to enable SSID on router, reconfigure laptop. From posting on other site, it appears that XP is set up that way as a security measure and I am not the only one frustrated with it. It seems that 3rd party hardware and its associated software does not have this problem, but that some wireless connection built ins that use XP for configuration do. Was hoping there was a work around.

    4. Lowering output power, Ok on 3rd party firmware, won't mess with that now. That is what I seemed to have found out, but was looking for confirmation

    5. WPA 2, Yes, got the letters bassackwords. Again, as far as I can find out, the update is required from Microsoft, and no they do not seem to include it in their updates. If not, I would think Linksys would include reference to it in their set up inst. If they did, I never found it. Once installed WPA 2 works fine. but until I researched web and then downloaded it, was going nuts trying to implement WPA 2

    6. Receiver error, message is popped up when running the set up disk that came with router.

    Appreciate the quick response

  4. Guyfromhe

    Guyfromhe Network Guru Member

    1. ok
    2. The Router name is for those of us that have 3 or 5 or 10 routers and you want to be able to tell them apart by something other than IP address, other than that it serves no purpose, my router name shows up on the top right hand corner on mine...
    3. I've manually programmed an SSID for a no SSID broadcast lan before with XP 0conf and it kept the settings, no problem for me, I just completely manually configured the whole thing.
    4. Yep
    5. Havn't used it so I can't really help
    6. I've never used the router setup disk, so again I can't be of help there
  5. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    There is a configuration within the wireless setting for the SSID in question that will allow you to tell XP to automatically connect whenever it sees it whether it is broadcast or not. And you are already far more secure then most users and especially your neighbors. Which will become because of that fact more tantalizing targets then your own network.
  6. RickTick

    RickTick LI Guru Member


  7. Guyfromhe

    Guyfromhe Network Guru Member

    2. i'm running wifibox on the routers I hvae with a web interface, it's old so i have no idea what they've done to the new firmware. I havn't had any major reason to upgrade to this point plus i've got some pretty complicated things setup on my LAN and have been to busy/lazy to port it to another firmware.

    3. 0conf is the windows XP zero configuration utility (the wireless setup built into XP) And i've never used WPA2 under XP before.. I don't have any XP wireless devices. I run WEP because I have a bunch of legacy devices that won't use WPA but I have a pile of layer 3 security i'm not going to get into on this thread. ANd I only have one XP machine and it's wired.

    6. that setup CD is just a wizard that configures the router the same way the web interface does so it's not really needed.
  8. RickTick

    RickTick LI Guru Member


    Yes, it took me a whole two tries to figure that out. The CD is in the CD file now.

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