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Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by shimh, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. shimh

    shimh Network Guru Member

    When dd-wrt is running on my WRT54G v2 for some time, the web browsing can slower and slower (the status of IE shows connecting to "ip"... for long time), and eventually server cannot be found error shows up. At the same time, access the router's web interface becomes very slow too just like browsing the Internet. The problem gets worse when bit torrent is running. Restarting the router will make things work well for some time. I have this issue with all dd-wrt v23 releases (have not tested with v22). The router works ok with hyperwrt+tofu. Does anyone have the same issue? Any idea to solve it? thanks.
  2. LAGMonkey

    LAGMonkey Network Guru Member

    The resaon is that your router is tracking lots of connections for a long time. This only gets worse (as youve noticed) when you fire up Bit-Torrents as there are that many more connections that the router has to track.

    Go to the "administration" tab, scroll down to the "IP filter settings" and change the following settings

    1) Maximum ports - change to 4096
    2) TCP timeout(s) - change to 120
    3) UDP timeout(s) - change to 120

    this will increase the number of connections that the router can handle and will also lower the time spend tracking those connections.
    Finally use the search and look for "Bit-Torrent" as there is a lot of information relating to that subject out in the forum.
  3. shimh

    shimh Network Guru Member

    Thanks a lot, LAGMonkey. The router works perfectly and I am back to dd-wrt home. Silly me, I saw those settings and but I did not know they are for this purpose.
  4. LAGMonkey

    LAGMonkey Network Guru Member

    not a problem, we all have to start someware to learn. If your feeling adventurous you might want to try some of the settings that are described over at Youll need to TELNET into the router but thats just a quick read through of the Wiki (cant spoon feed you all the information :thumb: )

    Thanks frankw for the instructions for DD-WRT
    I tryed most of these settings when i had V22r2 flashed on my router and they did make a difference. I havent had a chance to get back home and flash V23 final on yet (still on beta 14/12/05) as im with family etc atm. Good luck and welcome to the forums.
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