Slow browsing with BitTorrent running after flashing to Tomato

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by kOna, May 2, 2007.

  1. kOna

    kOna LI Guru Member


    I have had DD-WRT running well for over a year now but recently it has started to get a bit sluggish, so I decided to give Tomato a try :)

    I have installed and set it up, and enabled QoS - I have HTTP set as High and all BitTorrent traffic set to Low, but still when I have BitTorrent open my web surfing crawls to a stand-still! Tomato is showing that BitTorrent is being classified as "Low" if I look at the graphs so it must be working.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

  2. larsrya8

    larsrya8 LI Guru Member

    Clear NVRAM?
  3. kop48

    kop48 Network Guru Member

    Have you actually limited the port on which Bitorrent listens and is it encrypting traffic?
  4. kOna

    kOna LI Guru Member


    I have specified the port that BitTorrent transfers on (53315) and it is encrypting traffic, I can post some screenshots of my setup if that will help?

  5. larsrya8

    larsrya8 LI Guru Member

    What is your ISP's advertised upstream speed, and what do you have it set to in Tomato's QOS?
  6. kOna

    kOna LI Guru Member

    I am with Virgin Media on the 10mb package - my upload speed is 384kb and that is what I have set in Tomato too.

  7. larsrya8

    larsrya8 LI Guru Member

    Set it to something like 340 and see if the problem disappears.
  8. GhaladReam

    GhaladReam Network Guru Member

    You want it set at about 85-90% of your total upload bandwidth.. My ISP has a 1mb upload, so I set mine at 900k and I have no problems. :)
  9. kOna

    kOna LI Guru Member

    Just gave it a try and its pretty much the same, it dosent seem to be my download/transfer speeds that are suffering, most of the problem is VERY slow DNS lookups. I am using OpenDNS servers and when uTorrent is closed everything is fine! By the way, is there anywhere to set my max TCP ports?

  10. rcordorica

    rcordorica Network Guru Member

  11. kOna

    kOna LI Guru Member

    Thanks everyone, the problem seems to be fixed now :)

    I followed the instructions from the thread that rcordorica posted, the option that made the most difference was Priorotize ACK.

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