Slow incomming connections

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Slayerduck, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. Slayerduck

    Slayerduck LI Guru Member

    Hey, I got a WRT54G router whit Firmware Version: v7.00.0

    I run my own server at home, using alot of server applications as FTP (Port 20/21) and windows remote control (Port 3389) all my ports are forwarded and work. I can connect to my ftp and remote control but only whit like 6 to 8Kb/s. (My upload speed is 2Mbits) So it should be a bit higher then that..

    Any idea's before i bring the router back to the store? Because i have it for 2 days now.

  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    WRT54G with firmware v7.00.0

    I have never heard of this firmware. what version of WRT54G do you have (not the firmware version)

    Which .WRT54G/GS/GL do I have?

    Your upload speed is 2Mbs, however if your running servers behind your WRT54G surely these are taking up bandwidth. users will be accessing ftp and other services therefore limiting the amount of "upload" speed you will be allow to use.

    Remote control? you mean Remote Desktop Connection? this will not have full speed and the data involved to download/upload is graphical with demands more processing time the more features/colors you have enabled via RDC.

    ftp. do other users have access whilstyou are accessing the ftp server.

    what type of Internet connection does the remote end (your FTP server) have? Cable or ADSL?

    what MTU setting have you set the Router to? what MTU setting does you FTP server have?

    what other services on the lan have access to the net?

    there are tons things that can slow down access. you need to elimated them one by one.
  3. Slayerduck

    Slayerduck LI Guru Member

    On the back of the router it says WRT54G .ver7

    Yea, Remote Desktop Connection.


    Cable (20Mbits down/2Mbits up)

    Explain please, i dont understand this.

    A few others like ventrilo server etc, but thay are not used and im 100% sure my internet is not being drained by anything.
  4. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    A few other points for clarification: When connecting via RDP are you connecting inside at home to test or are you attempting from outside somewhere? How are you determining that you are only seeing 6 to 8K? If outside, could the outside connection be the limiting factor? As toxic has stated what if you drop down the RDP setting so it only sends minimal data (tell the setup you are connecting via a 56k modem), is data throughput still direly slow?
  5. Slayerduck

    Slayerduck LI Guru Member

    It has nothing do whit my RDP settings, i connect to myself (Whit ISP IP) so it goes to my ISP then back to my server. I use a DU meter, so i can see how much data its tranfering. The problem is whitin the router.
  6. Slayerduck

    Slayerduck LI Guru Member

    Its getting worse. Random crashes (It says that it disconnects my cable) Port forwarding whit my games does not even work... still the slow incomming connections. This is by far, the worse router i ever had.

    Returned router to store, put back old non-wireless router. All problems solved. Thanks for the help.
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