Slow LAN FTP Speeds - RT-AC68U on FreshTomato FreshTomato 2019.1.015-beta

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by dizM0nkey, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. dizM0nkey

    dizM0nkey Network Newbie Member


    I recently upgraded to Tomato from ASUSWRT Merlin.

    I've got an Original Xbox I use as a gaming/media box and was FTPing on my LAN between my computer through the RT-AC68U to the Xbox using FileZilla at ~11MB/s. Xbox has a 100M connection. Everything is hardwired and using Cat6.

    After installing FreshTomato 2019.1.015-beta, FTP speeds have slowed to ~2-4MB/s. I am totally lost as to why I'm getting the slowdown and have searched high and low for an answer in these forums and on the internet.

    The slower speeds should have zero to do with the hardware, unless this is a chipset limitation in the router itself and in Tomato.

    If anyone has insight, I'd appreciate it.

  2. rgnldo

    rgnldo Networkin' Nut Member

    I am building stable 2018.5. Everything is OK. I'm transferring 3GB in 2 minutes. Make sure Bandwidth Limiter and QOS are disabled. Wireless WMM must be enabled.
  3. dizM0nkey

    dizM0nkey Network Newbie Member

    Thanks @rgnldo ... This isn't over WAN or internet. This is LAN... though the router may be treating it like WAN because it's over FTP? I'm not a networking expert.

    Bandwidth Limiter and QoS are disabled. WMM is enabled
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  4. pomidor1

    pomidor1 Networkin' Nut Member

    adwanced/miscell... ctf on?
  5. dizM0nkey

    dizM0nkey Network Newbie Member

    Advanced > Miscellaneous: CTF is on. That was one of the first things I turned on after flashing Tomato.

    Currently getting 125Mbits/s down with CTF on. But, CTF doesn't appear to affect anything of LAN.
  6. Sean B.

    Sean B. Network Guru Member

    Correct, CTF only affects WAN traffic. I would suggest trying an ftp transfer from/to the router itself, as well as a different LAN client. Try another protocol transfer as well, such as SMB. See what speeds are obtained from a variety of tests.
  7. Mr9v9

    Mr9v9 Serious Server Member

    I would try a transfer from your computer instead and compare speeds.

    There is a possablity that your file transfer has smaller file chunks compared to when you transferred larger files with Merlin firmware. That means that the throughput suffers and crawls.

    If you are FTPing from USB, double check your settings that it isn't using encryption or something else, and maybe re-format your USB.

    Last thing I could think of without seeing your settings would be to make sure no other transfers are happening at the same time on your network, or xbox client.
  8. rs232

    rs232 Network Guru Member

    Are you sure this is Mbits/sec and not MBytes/sec?

    My bet is that you cable/connector has an issue and goes in half/duplex. Try replacing it ;)
  9. Monk E. Boy

    Monk E. Boy Network Guru Member

    It count also be drive fragmentation or any number of other issues with the particular system he's connecting to or from. Using multiple systems rules out problems with those two devices. There are network testing utilities that transfers data from RAM on a particular system to the RAM of another system, eliminating the disk subsystem as much as possible. Of course if you're RAM constrained on the two testing systems then you'll end up using virtual memory instead of RAM...
  10. dizM0nkey

    dizM0nkey Network Newbie Member

    Thanks... using ASUSWRT Merlin, I get 11MB/s. The cables and connections are fine. :)
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  11. dizM0nkey

    dizM0nkey Network Newbie Member

    I believe I increased the chunk size in Tomato to 9000KB ... I think that was the max?

    Unfortunately, I've reverted back to Merlin for the time being. Long-term, I want to be on Tomato, but needed faster LAN transfer speeds between my NAS and Xbox in the meantime.

    I also have a 1GB switch and a buddy recommended, if I flash FreshTomato again, to connect the Xbox and NAS to the switch directly and then just connecting the switch to the router, vs. running the NAS and Xbox through the router. He suggested that might "fix" or bypass any processing the router is doing, as the switch should be smart enough to transfer at the full 100MB speed limit of the Xbox.
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  12. rs232

    rs232 Network Guru Member

    Lots of mi-sterminology here. "Chunk", do you mean jumbo frames? If so I discourage you from modify the default of 1500, especially on a 100Mb link.

    Can you run rpcapd on the router and sniff what's going on? you might get lots of retransmission for whatever reason.

    Also.... it might have worked well with RMerlin but it's often enough to "touch" a sloppy cable to e.g. make it go half duplex. Do not trust blindly the wires. Do you get different light colour on the Ethernet port of the router?
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  13. dizM0nkey

    dizM0nkey Network Newbie Member

    Thanks, @rs232 ... Yes, it was jumbo frames and chunks I got confused with. I will look to reflash FreshTomato this weekend to do some testing.

    After flashing back to Merlin, again, was getting 11MB/s between the NAS > Router > Xbox and back the other way, as well. The ethernet cables are just fine. The colors on the ethernet ports of the router all appear to be just white.
  14. dizM0nkey

    dizM0nkey Network Newbie Member

    So I've reflashed back to FreshTomato and connected the NAS and Xbox to the 1GB switch and connected the switch to the router.

    I'm getting 11MB/s speeds between the NAS and Xbox now.

    @rs232 Not sure how to run rpcapd ... I've googled and seen it has something to do with running Wireshark.
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  15. Dwerva

    Dwerva New Member Member

    This ^^^^^^^

    Here's my 2ȼ.
    Everyone should have a switch before their router in their network topography, I tell ya it's been quite a pleasure not losing my entire network whenever the router wiggs out, although you also need a DNS and DHCP server or static settings to accomplish this. I've also been doing a lot of flashing lately between ddwrt, asuswrt and tomato so it's nice I don't lose my local file transfers and rdp/vnc connections.

    A managed switch also has "Link Aggregation Groups" so if you have dual Ethernet ports on your devices you can bond/team them together in your OS then create a LAG on the switch to double your LAN bandwidth from a theoretical max of 125 MB/s to 250MB/s which helps max out a typical spinning HDD's 160-180MB/s. (Megabyte per second). You will have to log into the switch's management user interface to enable this.

    Channel bonding requires assistance from both the Ethernet switch and the host computer's operating system, which must "stripe" the delivery of frames across the network interfaces in the same manner that I/O is striped across disks in a RAID 0 array. For this reason, some discussions of channel bonding also refer to Redundant Array of Inexpensive Nodes (RAIN) or to "redundant array of independent network interfaces".

    My switch: GS108Tv2

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