Slow page load ups, someone please help! :)

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by LeeFH, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. LeeFH

    LeeFH LI Guru Member

    Hello everyone!
    it's perhaps a shame that my first comment is a new thread but i never had anything to do with linksys in the past.
    in fact i purchased a WRT54GL last week, upgraded it with Tomato 1.07, and tried to set it up.
    i'm satisfied with it's wireless part, but when it comes to the wired bandwidth thing (which connects to 2 PCs) i think there are problems: my problem is that even though when i'm doing the speedtest and i have good (but definitely not great) speed, the page loadings are terribly slow. i tried to finetune my settings in QoS (based many times on previous forum threads), here is how my specifications look like:



    i don't know if this is an important information but i guess it's good to know that i also use cFosSpeed 4 for traffic shaping. and also utorrent runs approximately all day long.
    thanks in advance for your help and sorry for my bad english!:thumbup:
  2. srouquette

    srouquette Network Guru Member

  3. LeeFH

    LeeFH LI Guru Member

    thank you for your quick reply!
    i changed my settings where you told me to change and i also connected myself to the opendns addresses.
    i made a quick test regarding if there were any improvments, and i'm afraid things unfortunately didn't became better. i actually entered (the biggest hungarian news portal) in the address bar and Firefox spent 67 seconds to fully load the page (fully load = until the little circling dots on the tabs disappear and the real favicon [the i letter] appears.
    anyway thank you for trying to help me! :)
  4. srouquette

    srouquette Network Guru Member

    wow :-/
    it took me 5 sec from France...

    I'm using the default QoS settings:
    TCP : 80, 443 : 0-512k transferred : High : WWW
    TCP : 80, 443 : 512k+ transferred : Low : WWW (512k+)
    TCP/UDP : 53 : 0-2k transferred : Highest : DNS
    TCP/UDP : 53 : 2k+ transferred : Lowest : DNS (512k+)
    TCP/UDP : 1024-65535 : Lowest : Bulk

    Did you reboot your router after changing the max connections ?
    how many connections do you have ? (you can see it in QoS graph)
    did you try without utorrent ?
  5. azeari

    azeari LI Guru Member

    took me abt 15sec here.. do other pages take this long? i.e. google
  6. LeeFH

    LeeFH LI Guru Member

    i didn't reboot the router, only the pc because told me to do so. now i changed my QoS priorities according to yours, and rebooted the router since.
    now it took me 22sec without utorrent but 68 with utorrent running.
    i have 250-271 connections.
    and i don't know if these facts have a role but
    -in basic -> network the DHCP Server ranges from to with a lease time of 1440 secs.
    -in advanced -> conntrack / netfilter there are ticks in every possible cases. (TTL Adjust is set to None)
    -in advanced -> firewall i allow Multicast and Enable NAT Loopback
    -and also, i'm forwarding port 45682 in utorrent.
  7. LeeFH

    LeeFH LI Guru Member

    well google had like one second to load but it sure has much less objects to make appear. :)
  8. PJMDS

    PJMDS LI Guru Member

    :eek: The basic settings are wrong, you got minimum of 10% bandwith for the web pages, not enough, that's just a stupid thing to do, the minimum www config should be like the DNS, your config finds the pages really fast because of the DNS good config but then slows down, try to put minimum of 50% for www (or more) or use the default router QoS configuration :thumbup:
  9. LeeFH

    LeeFH LI Guru Member

    so basically i just have to put 50% in the Highest Outbund Rate's first cell?
  10. rcordorica

    rcordorica Network Guru Member

    disable ACK prioritization
    and do SRC and DEST port matching for your priorities. In your current setup anything inbound gets put in the lowest category.
  11. LeeFH

    LeeFH LI Guru Member

    i'm really appreciating what you are foing here guys! thank you very much!
    i tried to follow every instruction you gave me and i think now everything is slightly better.
    -loading took me now 24 seconds with utorrent running (while in the begining it needed 67 secs) which is good considering that utorrent runs a lot, but the loading time jumped back to 28 seconds while utorrent wasn't open.

    @rcordorica: under matching SRC and DEST port for my priorities you wanted me to edit the Classifications in the way that i select "SRC or DST".

    sorry for being a noob. :$
  12. LeeFH

    LeeFH LI Guru Member

    everything is fine now, thanks everyone!

    however there seems to be another kind of thing which i think disadvantages the bandwith/pc. in fact anytime i switch on the WIFI on the laptop the speed drastically falls. i was looking after what the problem could be and i found out that this PC (wired to the router) and the notebook (which connects via wifi to the internet) share exactly the same IP address. (which one can get from sites such as, and not the IP starting with 192.168.x.x.)
    is there a way to assign different IPs to the computers, and thus solve this little issue?
    thanks in advance!
  13. mraneri

    mraneri Network Guru Member

    Your ISP is only providing you one IP address. On your LOCAL network, each computer DOES have it's own IP, but to the rest of the world (the WAN/Internet) both PC's have the same IP address. NAT Routing is what the router is doing to make sure the traffic all goes to the right place.

    The fact that both computers seem to have the same IP address is NOT the cause of the slowdown. This is perfectly normal. In fact 99.9% of people using these routers see the same thing.. I have 4 devices that talk to the internet on my router, and from the outside, they all have the same IP address. Of course, internally, they all have different addresses.

    Something else must be causing your problem.
  14. LeeFH

    LeeFH LI Guru Member

    well it seems like there's a big bunch of confusion over here. in fact, i'm still having speed issues. (this page had at least a minute to load). the situation is that all is pretty much fine with 2 wired PCs plus an Acer notebook (which connects itself wireless) until i connect a Fujitsu Siemens notebook into the network. at this time every transfer (like utorrent) speed falls suddenly and browsing becomes a real pain to live.
    i have absolutely no clue about what to do, and i'm really thinking on moving onto the original firmware or at least a DDWRT one.
    or has someone any idea about this frustrating issue?
  15. GeeTek

    GeeTek Guest

    When you look at the pie chart of the connections are all of the torrent connections properly classified as "Lowest" ? If some leak into the higher categories (they do if your rules are too loose) they will mess up your web browsing. Also, 55% upload for the torrents is too much. If I use more than 20% upload I get a big slow down for web browsing. Also you should apply inbound limit of 70% or 80 % for the lowest (torrent) category. QOS does not react immediately. If torrents are taking 100% inbound bandwidth and you try to open a web page the QOS system takes 10 or 15 seconds to slow the torrents down. This will also cause delays in your web browsing.
  16. LeeFH

    LeeFH LI Guru Member

    thanks for your kind help! now browsing has become pretty acceptable (i'd even say fast :)) but you torrent lacks in speed. guess it's only a matter of finding the right percentage for every category.
  17. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    how much have you limited upload speeds on torrents by your bittorrent client?
  18. LeeFH

    LeeFH LI Guru Member

    there's no limit set up on any of my torrents.

    here are the pictures of my settings that you, Gurus might want to see:

    Basic Settings:


    Pie Chart:

    after these few hours examining i must say that with these settings i have
    -awesome performance in browsing on the PC having wired connections
    -moderate (should i say bad) browsing on both notebooks (perhaps there has to be something in the wireless settings? i was tricking with it all this afternoon in vain...)
    -and nearly no p2p (~utorrent) speed on 3 of the 4 computers (the fourth does not have p2p whatsoever).
    thanks again for your support!
  19. GeeTek

    GeeTek Guest

    It is going to be a balancing act. Limiting the connection count would help make more efficient use of the limited bandwidth, and would allow you to increase the download speed. You can still get great p2p performance by limiting your client computers to 150 connections. It is much better to limit the connection count using the torrent application itself. When you use the router to do it, the web browsing on that one computer will stop working when the torrent app hits the max number of connections the router gives it. Torrent is designed to consume everything it can get, and leave nothing for anything else. Limiting bandwidth and connections in the torrent app is the proper and only effective method of getting any real bandwidth for torrent and still be able to use your internet for anything else.
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