Slow transfer rate with WMP54G

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Otukka, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. Otukka

    Otukka Guest

    I have a WMP54G-EU v4.1 (I think it's 4.1. The driver details says RT61).
    My problem is that the Transfer Rate reported by the monitor is only 1.0 Mbps. :frown1: Statistics shows Transmit Rate 1.0 Mbps and Receive Rate is changing between 5.5 and 11 Mbps. Signal strength and quality are about 70 %.
    My Internet connection is a 10/1 Mbps so I think that it gets the transfer rate from that. However it uses the same speed with other PCs on the same WLAN and it also affects on the incoming traffic.
    I use hidden SSID, WPA AES and the AP is on 11g only mode.
    How can I speed it up? :confused:

    The AP is Buffalo WLA2-G54C Ver.2.23 and its setttings are:

    Wireless Driver Ver.
    Wireless Mode 11g-Turbo
    Wireless Channel 11
    Frame Bursting Enabled
    Encryption Mode AES
    Privacy Separator Disabled
    SSID Broadcast Disabled
    MAC Filtering Enabled
    WDS Bridge Disabled
    Output Power 100%
  2. rekkin

    rekkin LI Guru Member


    I have this problem too
    i just reinstal drivers from official website , but they look the same :|,
    and still have on list ...

    and we have the same security mode AES meaybe this is slow encrypt for this card...

    with router WRT54GL have the same :

    Transmit rate : 1Mbps
    Receive rate : 54Mbps

    signal is 70%-100%

    on other wireless cards transfer is good
    and exchange files betwen computers in lan is faster (outgoing..)
    ( like simply and cheapest Asus V2 WLAN card )
  3. rekkin

    rekkin LI Guru Member

    hi again :)

    i found why this is 1mbps only

    answer is in the drivers exacly in : rt61.inf file

    there is nothing about other securithy than WEP
    if change on wep then card work on 54Mbps/54Mbps

    who is responsebility for this ? linksys ?

    solutions :
    going to WEP security :/
    waiting to new drivers or is some one can write new drivers :)

    this is the short about security in inf file :

    ; Authentication & Security Page

    ; Authentication Type
    HKR, , AuthenType, 0, "0" ; Open System
    HKR, Default, AuthenType, 0, "0"

    ; Encryption
    HKR, , Encryption, 0, "1" ; Disable
    HKR, Default, Encryption, 0, "1"

    ; WEP Keys Length
    HKR, , WEPKeyLen, 0, "0"
    HKR, Default, WEPKeyLen, 0, "0"

    ; WEP Key to use
    HKR, , WEPKeyUse, 0,"1"
    HKR, Default, WEPKeyUse, 0,"1"

    ; WEP Key1
    HKR, , WEPKey1, 0,""
    HKR, Default, WEPKey1, 0,""

    ; WEP Key2
    HKR, , WEPKey2, 0,""
    HKR, Default, WEPKey2, 0,""

    ; WEP Key3
    HKR, , WEPKey3, 0,""
    HKR, Default, WEPKey3, 0,""

    ; WEP Key4
    HKR, , WEPKey4, 0,""
    HKR, Default, WEPKey4, 0,""


    few minutes later ...

    :) lol that was so easy ...

    WPA PSK AES in 54Mbps/54Mbps

    just go to ralink home page :
    download drivers and RaUI :

    install, configure, activate and done

    notes :
    RaUI use the same version of drivers (10 27 2005)

    now we can only wait for new linksys monitor with WPA, for use linksys monitor again in the future

    this is solution for windows, for linux are much more solutions on webs

    good night
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