Slow Transfer Speed on WRT54GS

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by wynsam, Sep 13, 2005.

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    Hi there. :D

    My Setup consists of wired and wireless components. I have a DSL modem connected to a hub and one pc on the hub. The hub in turn is connected to the WRT54 GS. The WRT 54 GS is connecting to two USB G adaptors(not linksys). The reason for the set up is historical in nature.

    The WRT54GS is version 1.1. It has the latest firmware from Linksys on it 4.70.6. The WRT is set to G mode only. I am using a preshared key and TKIP encryption. i am also using MAC adrees filtering.The two adaptors are sitting at 67% and 90+ % signal strength. The connection is stable.

    When attempting to pull a large file or files across the wireles network the transfer seems very slow. Q. How do i check what the real rate of transfer is? How can i improve this rate. What rate should I expect?

    Thanks for the help!! :cheer:
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    You can try IPERF to test actual throughput. You can get it at You have to install it as a service on both machines. You should get from 22 to 24mbs on a standard 802.11g router, but from the Internet, you will get lower speeds. You have to adjust your TCP RWIN size to get maximum throughput. You can change the registry, which is not recommended or get DRTCP from http://WWW.DSLREPORTS.COM. If you are doing a wireless to wireless, your throughput will be divided by the number of wireless clients. Your WRT54GS should give some additional bandwidth. I was able to get approximately 43mbs from a wired PC to a wireless PC with a WRT54GXV1 and WPC54GX combination with a RWIN size of 128kb.
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    Hi jlmblm! :)

    Please check on the following:
    1) Who is your internet service provider (or ISP)?
    2) How do you connect your computer to the internet? Is it by ethernet or USB? Please note that the router makes use of ethernet connection and not USB.

    If you have a cable provider, you may follow this link:

    If you have a DSL provider, please follow this article:

    Hope it helps.

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