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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by skynyrd, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. skynyrd

    skynyrd Network Guru Member

    So I just replaced my wrt54g with a wrt54gs v3.0 today since port 1 on the g went out and it was super slow wan side (the g was a couple days old). So I get home today with my new wrt54gs and hooked it up and got it all goin. Still I get really slow download speeds at like 1/10th of what I should be getting. I checked the lan speeds they all looked fine. Also I unplugged the router and plugged my cable modem straight in to my computer and it was fine. Super fast. Throw my router back in the mix and wan side goes to nothing. wtf is wrong with these things? What am I missing. Please help I am about to pull my hair out. 2nd router in a row that is doin this. btw this is all wired side not wirless.

  2. skynyrd

    skynyrd Network Guru Member

    Well after playing with a lot of different ideas I found the answer here. The problem I was having was that my cable modem (D-Link dcm-200) was only docsis 1.0 and was the cause of my slowdown. Something about the new firmwares and the old docsis didn't like each other. I know this because I just came from using a wrt54g v1.0 with an older firmware that didn't have any slowdown problems while using the old D-link modem. I went out and bought a new Motorlola SB5120 from Circuit City for $59 after rebate and all is well. So if you are having really slow wan problems take a look at your cable modem if you have tried everything else.
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