Slow wireless performance, found the problem but not the fix

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by gleasonjr, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. gleasonjr

    gleasonjr LI Guru Member

    1. Parts and servers :
    - FreeBSD gateway ( hosting my internet connection.
    - Linksys WRT54GS ( for wireless AP (firmware DD-WRT v23)

    WRT54GS is used as a simple switch for wired clients and as an AP
    for wireless ones...

    2. Config :
    - The server is plugged into a LAN port of the WRT54GS (switch)
    - Wired clients are plugged into LAN ports of the WRT54GS (switch)
    - WRT54GS : dhcp disabled, router mode, nothing plugged in WAN
    - Wireless clients get DHCP from FreeBSD gateway as well as wired ones

    3. Everything works exept I get poor performance from
    wireless clients to the Internet but not from the wireless clients
    to the FreeBSD gateway !

    Say a wired client connect into the switch and get ip by the
    FreeBSD gateway. Since this WRT54GS is a switch, everything works
    fine and the client is accessing the Internet as usual and gets
    high speed (~550 KBps)

    I was experiencing slow speeds in wireless though.. I've decided
    to investigate. From a wired client, I telnet into the WRT54GS...
    (DD-WRT firmware)

    I did a wget from the WRT54GS to the FreeBSD gateway = 1.5 MBps.
    No problem there...

    I did a wget from the WRT54GS to some files on the Internet I was
    downloading at 550 KBps from wired clients before, now I get 150 KBps.
    Problem !

    So whenever the traffic is going through the WRT54GS to the internet,
    (and I don't mean by its switched ports but really through
    I experience slow speeds.

    That's why wireless was slow !!

    But any idea to fix this !? Is it my FreeBSD gateway that's not
    properly configured or my WRT54GS !?

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