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Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by hasemike, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. hasemike

    hasemike LI Guru Member

    I have been reading these forums for some time, and bought a wrt54gl to replace my bad netgear wgt624.

    I have installed thibor after checking that the router was ok. It works fine apart from 1 very big problem :

    i get an average of 350kbytes at downloads via the wireless (reception is excellent accoring to XP at 54mpbs) instead of the normal 650kbyte from internet that i used to get with the netgear wgt624 (which is 108g). I have checked with a lan cable connection to the linksys and sure that gets 650kbyte.

    I tried switching of the wireless security but that makes no difference.
    Standard setup without QoS.

    On the pc side of things there is a WG111T usb wlan stick from netgear.
    Or am i being silly and is 350kbytes about all you get from a 54mbps wireless ?

    Any ideas ? Thanks !
  2. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    From my perspective that is about right, it appears you are seeing about 50% of the throughput via wireless that you see wired. This is about my overall experience from wireless as a whole. I dont know the exact reason, other then just the inherent nature of wireless but for me i run close to 5 megs down wired and about 2.8 wireless and that has been that way for me since 802.11b days. Mind you the download speeds were different but the variance has stayed the same. I suppose another test i recently did because it felt like my network throughput was really slow wirelessly compared to wired is i started a big data transfer between my machine and a NAS device. Well from the laptop via wireless after about 30 minutes of running was still a eta of 4 hours to complete. I stopped it and started it after plugging directly into the network and from the get go it was a max of 2 hours and ended up taking just under 2 to finish.
  3. hasemike

    hasemike LI Guru Member

    Remember i was talking about internet speed, the 650kb download is my maximum provider down speed. That i get that with a lan cable seems normal. However i also expect more than 350kb with wireless !

    Even when you take that 54mbps in real life is about 24mbps that's still more than 2000kbytes per second.

    Something must be wrong when i only get 350kb sec...
  4. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Not the way i see it, in my humble experience with wireless i have only ever seen about 50% throughput compared to direct connection. The 350 you state is just over 50% of your maximum d/l capability. Just to satisfy my own curiosity once again, and you have to understand it is an undertaking for me to get my lazy butt up and go to where i can hard wire into the network to test. I plugged in wired and got 4815kbps and that mind you was triple nat'ed at that device. I went back to wireless which is connected directly to the edge and only got 2576kbps, as stated just about half. From what you are saying, personally i do not see anything wrong as it appears to be working as i would expect it too. Now others my be seeing things differently and i am curious as to what that may be.
  5. hasemike

    hasemike LI Guru Member

    If i understand you correctly, you are saying that : Regardless of connection type (lan-lan, wan-lan, wan-wlan and so on) you will always get about 50% of the max with wireless ?

    Then how come that my old router (netgear wgt624) never had any problems at all in bringing me the 650kbytes that i get from my isp (6000mbps internet connection). If what you are saying is correct, then the wrt54gl is quite useless as i would never be able to utilize my internet connection to the fullest with this router.

    It means that when i download 4gb from usenet, it will take me twice as long with the linksys than with the netgear.

    I will try a bit more with the linksys, if it stays like this the thing will be returned to the store after the weekend. Really do not understand all the hype around the wrt54g(l) it's one slow piece of ....
  6. hasemike

    hasemike LI Guru Member

    Finally i am getting somewhere, i tried the wrt54gl + wg111t under vista rc2, and sure sure i get my 650kbytes per second :)

    Also borrowed another network stick and has exactly the same probs under xp and no probs under vista. The utility from that sticked reported 2800Kbps under xp and 24.000 kbps under vista !

    So something in the registry of xp must be wrong, as i dont want to reinstall everything i am on the lookout for a solution for this.
    I the mean time i am putting a new xp install on a seperate disk to see if all is well after that.

    --EDIT-- new xp install does not help, i am totally stuck.
  7. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    Firstly, ifican, I found that the wireless-half-speed-of-wired only starts surfacing once all the links, other than the wireless, is effectively faster than the wireless. If you have WAN incoming at 6Mbps, and wireless at 54Mbps, wireless should be only slightly slower-, or even on a par-, with wired.

    Effective speed should be considered, as with wireless, you get maybe 50% of link speed, while with DSL, you can get about 85% of link speed. Wired ethernet gets +90% of link speed.

    100Mbps ethernet ~ 90Mbps effectively
    54Mbps wireless ~ 27Mbps
    10Mbps DSL ~ 8.5Mbps

    To get to hasemike's problem, here some possibilities to look at:

    Did you try vista on the same PC? - Your XP may be using a USB 1.1 driver, or your WG111T driver may be not fuctioning-, or not setup-, correctly. Did you use the same USB/WG111T setup before with your WGT624 router?

    Make sure Frame Burst is on, both in the WG111T driver, and on the router.

    The WG111T may be trying to force 108Mbps, which might perhaps slow it down when the router is only 54Mbps.
  8. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    As I stated earlier that is not my experience. I just ran the test again, 5.575 wired - 3.365 wireless and thats an average of several tests run back to back to back to the same test server. Mind you this is the wan to wlan situation, when you run lan to lan you are limited to the slowest possible link minus overhead. Wireless overhead seems to be alot, you can set up a 108Mbps wireless link to a wired ethernet machine and it still will be slower then the wired to wired configuration. Also when using these speed test sights there is alot that comes into play so the significance of speed fluctuation can be great. The best way to test ultimate speed is to you a program on 2 different hosts that you have control of to determine actual network and link state capability.

    What sight is being used to test data throughput, i would like to see what i am seeing there. One that i like for the most part for basic tests it
  9. hasemike

    hasemike LI Guru Member

    Yes vista is an RC2 on the same pc (dual boot).
    The usb is fine (2.0), i checked in the device manager and with an external harddisk.

    The wg111t drivers does not allow detailed setups, so i bought a ralink 54mbps pci card to test :

    - ralink + wrt54gl or netgear under xp: 350kbytes
    - wg111t + wrt54gl under xp : 350kbytes
    - wg111t + netgear router under xp = 650kbytes

    - all combinations under vista = 650kbytes

    I then reinstalled xp-pro sp2 on my pc hoping for a solution, but no still the same. Really really weird. The only thing left to suspect is wrong chipset drivers. My motherboard is a conroexfire-esata2, that uses the 945 intel chipset which has no known problems with pci / usb. The only thing left in my mind is wireless chipset incompatibility, the linksys is broadcomm and the pci/stick is ralink and atheros.

    It's really a pitty that my local store does not have the linksys pci wlan cards, as then i can call linksys and let them deal with the problem.

    For the first time since 1978 (trs-80) i am really completly stuck. However to keep me from going totally insane i will :

    - Keep the replacement netgear wg624 router + wg111t stick as it is the only one without problems under xp.
    - Keep the linksys router for when vista is final and then sell the netgear one.
    - Return the ralink as it is of no use.

    As for Ifcan's explantion ; with relativly low Wan speeds this is not correct. All people i know get their full internet bandwith (600-1200kbytes) on a normal 54mbps router/stick combo. The 54mbps really is 27mbps - overhead = about 22mbps = about 2400kbytes per second.
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