slowly going insane with extender problem

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by mister_g, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. mister_g

    mister_g LI Guru Member

    I'm a relative newbie to wireless networking and networking in general and I've having a heap of problems trying to install a WRE54G extender.

    I got one for our new office and tested it over the weekend at my house. At home I use a WRT54G router and installing the extender was easy with the setup wizard. I use WPA Personal at home.

    I tried installing the extender with a WRT54G at the office and it wouldn't work. I reset the router, and create a new SSID and all and it still would not completely install. I kept getting the "can not access the AP as a repeater" or something like that.

    My extender is brand new, manufactured in 2007, a ver.2 UK. I did read that it has something to do with a firmware change but I does this Ver.2 require it?

    I've tried using WEP in desperation and it would work for a while and later just quit on me. Signal strength is excellent but I can't access the internet.

    I've tried configuring the extender right next to the router and but it won't stabilize. When I do get it to work, I lose the connection when I move it to the where I want to put it. For what's it's worth, the router at home is PPOE and the office connection is is cable internet so it's set at DCHP.

    Am I missing something here? Why will this work with one router and be a complete mess with another?
  2. mister_g

    mister_g LI Guru Member

    I finally got the setup to work. But now I've been experiencing intermittent net connection from the extender and probably from the router as well. I was able to make it work with WPA Personal. It appears that I have a good connection, then suddenly can't connect to any sites.

    What could be causing this?
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