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Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by MBChris, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. MBChris

    MBChris Network Guru Member


    i found the MRTG-Bundle from innovations..... works with rrd and routers2.cgi which i mean its great to handle. I would like to integrate all my routers there . But now ive a big Problem :( Or is it not big ?

    All Client-Routers are in Gateway-Mode and getting DHCP from the Main-Router (So there WAN-Adress is sometimes change :( ) They all have differnet internal Nets e.g. So the internal IP is Now i would integrate them in the MRTG-requests with there internal Address.
    On the Main-Ap (the default Gateway for all clients) i insert static routes to these net's and hosts

    route add -net netmask gateway <- main AP
    route add -host gateway
    a ping to respond ok
    a telent to is also ok


    if i query SNMP over i get no response !! And thats my problem.
    if i query SNMP over the DHCP-Address (e.g. which the Router has gotten in the Login-Procedure, SNMP is also responding !

    REM: regardless of the Routing Mode (Gateway, RIP2 or OSPF) allways the same issue

    YES, i know i could give the routers static IPs over DHCP but this is my last way to make it functional because there is low RAm on the Main-AP and i dont know whats happen if i do about 50-100 Static-IP Entries in the nvram-var dhcp_statics ?!?!?!?!?!

    Hope someone could give me a hint

  2. MBChris

    MBChris Network Guru Member

    sorry for pushing up this thread but i need a solution ....
  3. u3gyxap

    u3gyxap Network Guru Member

    Why don't you hardcode the settings into your client routers, let's say in the range and force the DHCP server (another WRT I guess) to serve the You still have the dynamic DHCP going, and the clinet WRTs on static. Easy, simple and reliable.
    The other way around is to setup DynDNS to your client router, and use the name in MRTG - or whatever. That also means you will need internet access for the client router, and the server that is running MRTG. I have this setup working.
  4. MBChris

    MBChris Network Guru Member

    YES, you are right the best way to do that IS static IPs for the Client WRTs !!!
    Better also for some other tasks !

    Thx for all replies, im happy with this solution now !
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