SNMP Not working correctly ?

Discussion in 'Other Firmware Projects' started by macsat, Sep 30, 2004.

  1. macsat

    macsat Network Guru Member

    Hi guys

    I am on version :
    Firmware Version: v2.02.2 Release Version: 25/09/2004

    Im having a bit of probs with SNMP + MRTG (running MRTG on my linux server).

    First of all, I find it hard to see what the different interfaces in the WRT54G are.....and secondly I dont think all of them are working as they should (SNMP wise).

    So far my guesses of the interfaces are :

    eth0 : No idea !
    eth1 : WAN
    eth2 : WLAN
    br0 : LAN

    Theese guesses however seem a bit off...

    The eth1 and eth2 guesses I am pretty sure about. It sure seems like theese are infact the ones I believe.

    But what about br0? My best guess was LAN, but dosnt seem correct...I have tested, and it dosnt seem right. br0 seems like some kind of "wan shaddow" interface - could that be?

    What about eth0 ? I cant seem to get that to report real heavy traffic...some traffic is there, but not much...

    Also - I havent been able to find out which interface is infact the LAN (the 4 LAN ports in the switch) - does anyone have a clue ?
  2. macsat

    macsat Network Guru Member


    ...maby I should test more...

    The following mappings seems correct for my WRT54G SNMP ;

    eth0 : LAN
    eth1 : WAN
    eth2 : WLAN
  3. Tanguy

    Tanguy Network Guru Member

    you forgot wifi interface ;p)

    if i remember correctly, br0 is the bridge which links LAN and Wifi LAN
  4. macsat

    macsat Network Guru Member

    Not too sure about that.


    I didnt forget WiFi - I just called it WLAN.

    That is eth2 as far as I can see, and not br0

    br0 seems to be more or less the same as the WAN interface. Maby the bridge between the WAN IP and the Internal network in general - kind of a combination og both LAN and WiFi traffic.
  5. Tanguy

    Tanguy Network Guru Member

    yes... if i'm correct, bridges are made to link 2 interfaces on the same network adresses, nat is made from wan to br0... the local network
  6. chet

    chet Network Guru Member

    Here is how the my mrtg installation looks. It is built using defaults so it should be pretty clear.


    The traffic pattern for vlan0 (index 5) is consistent with the wired ethernet segment (I was listening to radio programming at 20kbps for about 12 hours).

    eth1 (index 4) traffic was representative of my wireless client listening to two one-hour radio shows.

    vlan1 (index 6) looks to be the WAN ethernet interface and shows inbound aggregate traffic flows to both wired and wireless hosts.

    eth0 and br0 are both aggregate variants of LAN activity.

    While the logic of assigning these particular snmp naming designations doesn't make any sense, the data flows are irrefutable evidence to me of the appropriate utilization/port associations. Well, you might try and refute them, but I won't listen.

    wifibox v 2.02.2
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