So I saw the VxWorks GS today...

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Aluminum, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. Aluminum

    Aluminum Network Guru Member

    I was running around town today trying to snatch up any pre CDFB WRT54Gs today, and pretty much struck out.

    I had a printout of the charts from here with serial lists, so I figured I might as well check the GS ones too. I wouldn't mind paying more to get a 32mb one for personal use. Hit the Compusa first, nothing but CDFB Gs and CGN6 GSs. I didn't want to pay extra for the GSs with half ram when a v4 G (CDFA) is identical, but if I had to, I had to...gotta have linux.

    I mosey on over to the Bestbuy down the street, and not only was it infested with CDFBs stacked high above the shelves...they had a mix of CGN6s and the new evil CGN7s! :eek:

    I was 2 seconds from leaving empty handed, when lo and behold I see a few extra GSs stuffed at the top of another aisle. I pull down a handful, and the one farthest in the back, with a nice fine layer of dust is...a CGN5! :cheering:

    So yeah, there are still some good units out there, but you'd better act FAST.

    The 'shirts' at both stores told me they move linksys routers like hotcakes to tons of regular users, ones that will never know how we all suffer looking for a good solid linux toy :cry: So check nooks and crannies, they will restock the main shelves constantly but spare storage stacks in inconvenient places might stick around awhile.
  2. TEG-Neo

    TEG-Neo Network Guru Member

    In my store ( i work for radioshack) we have a STACK of 3.0's and a few V4's. So they are still available.
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