so whats the best and most stable version of DD-WRT?

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by JiveMasterT, Sep 11, 2005.

  1. JiveMasterT

    JiveMasterT Network Guru Member

    simple question for a noob... whats the best and most stable version of DDWRT... like the one that is least likely to brick my router.
  2. bytes2000

    bytes2000 Network Guru Member

    The stable version is v22 R2
    The alpha version (this isnt even beta) is v23 (august,29) *NOT reccomended for "noobs" *

    read the wiki for instructions and compatibility
  3. aeonone

    aeonone Network Guru Member

    On the dd-wrt site, there is a "" and "". Since the dates are the same, is it safe to assume the "r2" release is the most current and stable?
  4. Kane91z

    Kane91z Network Guru Member

    r2 has a few more implmented bug fixes
  5. disclog

    disclog Network Guru Member

    Which one is better between:
    - Final Alchemy and v22R2
    - Talisman and v23
  6. bytes2000

    bytes2000 Network Guru Member

    V22 R2 is better than Alchemy...
    Check the v22 changelog.... features and bugfixes

    V23 is better than Talisman...
    so far.... the best but under development
    Check the v23 changelog.... features and bugfixes
  7. pasys

    pasys Network Guru Member

    v22 is the best for you. use that , its more then enough for most of the users
  8. mills1975

    mills1975 Network Guru Member

    I don´t think so!!

    I had installed V22r2, and most of the times, I made changes to the
    configuration via remote-webinterface, the router hangs up,
    and I had no more chance to connect to home!!

    Now there is Alchemy V1.0 on my WRT54gs and since this, there was
    no more hang-ups because of remote configuration!!

    cu all

    PS.: I would love to use DD-WRT because of the features, but I also
    need a stable possibility to change setting via remote access!
  9. eenisweenis

    eenisweenis Network Guru Member

    I tried V22r2 and V23 927 or something and had problems. Get Alchemy-1.0. It works and is stable. Sorry Brainslayer.
  10. BrainSlayer

    BrainSlayer Network Guru Member

    i dont have problems with remote configuration. works fine here with 60 ap's

    but it isnt easy to upgrade all the time since you have to reset your router after upgrading to dd-wrt v23. but from this time it works well
  11. mills1975

    mills1975 Network Guru Member


    as I wrote above, I would be happy to use DD-WRT.

    But with v22r2 I had the problem, that every second or third time,
    I wan´t to make changes via webinterface, the router just brings
    the black screen, but then I loose the connection to it.

    My router is connected to Inet via Austrian-ADSL (PPTP), and i´m
    connected in my company via leased-line (4Mbit syncronous).

    In the case the router is hangs, i have to make a power cycle to bring him back to life.

    Maybe you have a solution for my problem. Would be fine!

    Have a nice day

    PS: Would it be better to try the current v23 beta?
  12. BrainSlayer

    BrainSlayer Network Guru Member

    gimme a reason and i'll search for the solution. sometimes its hard to catch bugs. if you live in austria, you're hopefully not using the german language setting. this could be a possibly reason.

    war einfach bislang zu faul die übersetzungen zu überarbeiten
  13. mills1975

    mills1975 Network Guru Member


    naja da es "österreichisch" nicht gab, hab ich natürlich Deutsch genommen!!

    Ich probier jetzt einfach mal die v23 und schau mal was da rauskommt!!

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