Software to graph tomato cstats and rstats log files

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bgladx64, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. bgladx64

    bgladx64 New Member Member

    I've got a router that generates tomato_cstats and tomato_rstats files (Asus RT-N66U running asuswrt-merlin). I'd like to set up logrotate or something to gather them every reset period and then I can scp them to my desktop where I can store and analyze them.

    Anyway, what I'm really looking for is some software to not just read but graph these files visually. Like instantaneous bandwidth per IP over time, total bandwidth per IP per day, that kind of thing. Does this exist?

    If it doesn't exist, what resources will I need to write it? I know Python but how do you parse these files?
  2. calcousin55

    calcousin55 Network Newbie Member

    I'm not sure of any graphing program besides the one built into the website. There is a scripts that I've seen that can parse these files which can be a starting place. If you google "github rstats-cstats" there are two python scripts that parse the cstats and rstats file and display the data for you.
  3. robert44

    robert44 New Member Member

    Good attempt, Great!
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