SOLVED: Computers on VLAN1 to access computers on VLAN3

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Lomnex, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. Lomnex

    Lomnex Reformed Router Member


    Ive been playing around with VLAN's on Tomato, but got a problem.

    What im trying to accomplish is to get all computers on VLAN1 to talk to all computers on VLAN3, and vice versa.

    The reason for this is that I want to set up a Lab environment with Windows server (VLAN3), and don't want its DHCP to interfere with the rest of my network (VLAN1). The connection between them is for RDP.

    The VLAN bit is working fine, and both gets on the internet. But Ive been struggeling quite a while now to get a pc from VLAN1 to ping and RDP a pc in VLAN3.

    In the Advanced -> LAN access Ive added src:br0 to dst:br1 and src:br1 to dst:br0
    But this dont seem to do anything...

    After a lot of searching, I tried to compose my own Iptables (which im not familiar with) command:
    iptables -I FORWARD -i vlan1 -o br1 -j ACCEPT;
    iptables -I FORWARD -i vlan3 -o br0 -j ACCEPT;

    Didnt work... :(
    Is this even close? Im not a network professional, so any help would be appreciated.

    Hope some of you know what the problem may be.

  2. Lomnex

    Lomnex Reformed Router Member

    Got it working, tried so many things now that im not sure whats worked..

    Think this was part of the solution
    iptables -D FORWARD -i br0 -o br1 -j DROP;
    iptables -D FORWARD -i br1 -o br0 -j DROP;
    iptables -I FORWARD -i br0 -o br1 -j ACCEPT;
    iptables -I FORWARD -i br1 -o br0 -j ACCEPT;
  3. vmixus

    vmixus Serious Server Member

  4. kthaddock

    kthaddock Network Guru Member

    Have you seen this side under: "Advanced => LAC access => LAN Access" same thing in a few click. Much easyier.
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