<solved> loosing wlan when connecting router on wired

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by kreutpet, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. kreutpet

    kreutpet Network Guru Member

    just had to make a long reset on the router (pressing reset button >30 sec).

    know LAN router and wireless are working both.


    since 2 days i am owner of a WRT54G v5.

    There is a quiet stange thing happening to the PCs I have connected via WLAN to the WRT54G.
    Each time I power on a pc, which is connected via wire to a port of the router the WLAN connection is droped and I am not able to connect on the WLAN.

    Is it a configuration problem or what i iam doing wrong.

    Thx Peter
  2. kreutpet

    kreutpet Network Guru Member

    Forgot to tell that I have official firmeware v1.00.4
  3. hapearce

    hapearce Guest

    Ethernet port had to be disabled

    After my windows (XP Pro SP2) kept dropping my wireless connection every 10 minutes or so, I disabled the ethernet port on a wild guess.

    Since then I have not had a problem.

    Is this what you mean ?

    Using the WRT54G Ver5 firware 1.0.4
  4. kreutpet

    kreutpet Network Guru Member

    Hi hapearce,

    well I don't want to disable the LAN ports, I would like to use them.
    Sorry for my bad english. I figured out, that I didn't explain my problem correctly. That WLAN to the ISP is still working.

    Try again.
    Each time there is a PC started up on a LAN port (wired) the wireless connections are disconneted by the WRT54G .

    I am working on mainly LINUX and rarely on WinXP.
    Because the actual linux driver of my wireless card in the PC does not yet support secured connection I have access control on my MAC addresses.
    Could there be a relation to that?
    Should I change the operation mode from gateway to router?
  5. kreutpet

    kreutpet Network Guru Member

    Have made additional tests.
    As soon as there is a NIC connected to the LAN ports of the router the wireless from the WRT54G is not existing anymore. It seems to be deactivated.
    To reconnect the wireless I have to unplug all wires and power off/on the WRT54G.
    The device seems to have a failure

    Any ideas what to test next.
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