SOLVED: OpenVPN works but no access to lan device

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by GLuDeRo, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. GLuDeRo

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    Hello world

    Got another strange behavior from my trusty tomato router.

    I have correctly configured a Site-to-Site TAP (actually 1 TAP openVPN server and 2 clients). The netmask for these is Everything is working great here.

    Now since I have to connect some iOS devices, I needed also a TUN server (so 2 OpenVPN servers running on one tomato router, 1 TAP and 1 TUN). Here is some screenshots:


    Clients do connect via TUN, but they do not have access to Device LAN (to any subnet to be clear, even with the TAP server not running): they can only ping the router IP address, but nothing else. I tried selecting and deselecting the 'push LAN to client' button, adding and removing option for single clients, specifying and note specifyfing the following:

    push "route"
    But I keep having the same issue! BTW if I remove the "push LAN to clients", I can't even connect to my openvpn server, but I suppose this is because the router is not the default gw to the outside word (router defaults all the traffic to another gw). FWIW I have not route directive at all on client side

    Anyway with the setup above, the routing table on my client shows:

    so it appears definitely correct to me. Any hint where I should look at?

    Thanks in advance world!

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  2. GLuDeRo

    GLuDeRo Serious Server Member

    Sorted out: even if you select AUTOMATIC Firewall setup, you need to NAT the tun interface, so put this on the FIREWALL SCRIPT

    iptables -t nat -I POSTROUTING -s -o br0 -j SNAT --to $(nvram get lan_ipaddr)
    Now everything works perfectly!
  3. zzz1545

    zzz1545 LI Guru Member

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