*Some* internetsites NOT working with the Wag354g v2

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Dixxhead, May 18, 2006.

  1. Dixxhead

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    Hello everyone,

    so basically my problem is following: I've bought a WAG354Gv2 (had a Wag54g before, worked ok but then broke down :cry: ) and I think it is running just niceley and whatnot. However, there is a little problem with it, sometimes, in random time distances the router just doesn't allow me to connect to some internet sites anymore, even if they worked just a second ago. For instance sometimes google just won't work anymore (Site cannot be reached) but a forum I frequent (areagames) can be reached perfectly. Most of the other sites also don't work. However, I can operate MSN Messenger, Azureus and whatnot no problem. This affects all of the devices in my house, both the wireless and the wired devices.

    UPDATE: I had it once again, what I noticed is following: Somehow those sites that use html won't work anymore, ftp worked fine. Maybe this helps in giving me some advice :)

    The only way to fix this until now is a Reboot... Anyone know how to fix this, or is there anyone with the same problem? BTW: Firmware is 1.01.54-EU (I suppose since I bought it in EU and didn't yet find any newer versions out there.

    Then there would be another "problem": I have problems streaming Videos over Wi-Fi, I noticed that I ping the router with about 17ms in Wi-Fi, isn't that a bit much (especially if I am in the same room). Then, in order to increase the range I even use the linksys WRE54G-Expander to expand the range and thus making the ping even higher, by following the advices of the Linksys livechat I was able to get a more stable connection (internet works just fine/file transfer works just fine (latter a bit slow) but I'd really want to be able to stream vids over Wi-Fi.

    Well, I think this is enough for my first post. :D

    Thx for your help in advance guys. :)
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