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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by mp848, Oct 30, 2009.

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    Hey. I recently got a Linksys WRT54GL and flashed it with Tomato 1.25. I have a few questions about using QoS.

    1) I have Bittorrent traffic (using uTorrent) set to get lowest priority, but looking at the "View Details" section, the port that it uses is either given "Low" priority or it's labeled as "Unclassified". It's never given lowest priority. I'm assuming it's being included with "Bulk Traffic"? Any idea why that's happening? Here's my current classification page:


    2) Do image uploading services/sites typically use the same port(s), and if so, what are they? The reason I ask is because my mother and brother (on their own PC's) both tend to upload images frequently to sites like eBay and Photobucket, as well as to email attachments, and I'd like to assign them a priority so Bittorrent doesn't affect them. I've tried uploading several large file size images to eBay to see what would happen. I selected the images, began uploading them and then watched uTorrent. Initially uTorrent's upload speed dropped to about 20 kB/s (my max is 53 kB/s). After the initial couple of seconds however it began to return to the 53 kB/s speed. So the images wound up uploading very slowly.

    Is there any way of giving them a priority based on ports, rather than simply assigning the priority to the IP addresses of their PC's?

    3) Similar to my second question- My brother uses a webcam. Is there any way of assigning a priority to that specifically?

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    1) I would move the uTorrent rule to be right above the Bulk Traffic rule. Or better yet just get rid of the Bulk Traffic rule and make your default class Low.

    I would also set the IPP2P to Disabled on the rule to classify uTorrent. You don't need that when you already know the port it's going to be using.

    2) I would assume they all use port 80, so they will either be classified as High or Low depending on how big they are with your rules.

    3) To the webcam no, but you can assign a higher priority to port the program that uses the webcam uses. Just need to figure that out.
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    Your biggest problem is that the way you are trying to identify and classify P2P traffic doesn't work well. The best way to do it, is simply never to try. Just set a default class, say D, into which anything that you do not specifically give any priority to, will end up. That will trap pretty much all P2P and also many things you don't usually consider.

    Next, create classes for
    VIDEO control protocols
    MESSENGER services
    HTTP Uploads/Downloads, etc
    FTP Uploads/Downloads, etc.
    And for posterity, use a final class (say E) as a "crawl" class to dump unwanted stuff in to choke it altogether.

    Your webcam can be sorted by checking which service your brother uses, find out what port it uses, then prioritize it.

    Some useful posts:

    and the QOS thread in it's entirety will help you to set up QOS, there are some working examples and user feedback.

    Good luck!
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