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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by MetalBearSolid, Dec 17, 2004.

  1. MetalBearSolid

    MetalBearSolid Network Guru Member

    Well, my name is Cristian and i'm from italy.

    After looking for a whole week i decided to buy a linksys product.
    Now ... i own a Zyxel 645R, so i don't need neither a modem or a router. Only an access point (wag54g) attached to a switch would be ok.

    But. But in my country it seems people are gonna crazy and no matter where you'll search for it, you'll pay less a WRT54GS rather than a WAG54G (weird isn't it? :)).
    So now i'm intertested to this ... this what?
    I mean, it's not a modem, because if it would be it would have a hole where to plug a telephone wire in.
    It's a router, but it still wants to know your account information and the protocol your account uses.
    So, what's it? And what's that internet plug for? (maybe cable stuff italy never saw?)

    BTW, whatever it is, my *real* question is:
    my connection is setted up to working in PPPoA (somewhere they call it just PPP).
    Would it work with a WRT54GS (the "not S" model is not available) and ... how?
    I read it would work only if you:

    - Configure the zyxel 645R to work as a bridge (also if zyxel says i's nonsense to make it work as a bridge unless you have to work with protocols differents from TCP and IPX) and plug it in the "internet hole" WRT54GS has, hoping in that way to use the linksys for something more than a ... WAG54G :)
    (that's why zyxel in pppoa really sucks in port address translation)

    - Plug the zyxel 645R in the standard RJ45 plug and use it as a "mere access point"

    Do you have any suggestions?

  2. Esquire

    Esquire Mesquire Staff Member Member

    The Internet/WAN port is for your Internet/broadband connection (but of course). The WRT54G supports a few connection types (e.g., auto config, PPPoE, etc.) depending on the type of connection provided by your ISP, but in a lot of cases this means connecting the Internet port to a broadband modem. The Internet connection is made by the router through the modem and then redistributes to all the computers connected to it - that's why it may need to know your ISP account login info.

    It's not uncommon to find the WRT54G being sold cheaper than the WAP54G. More people buy the former than the latter so there are more of them in stock in shops, driving the price down :D
  3. MetalBearSolid

    MetalBearSolid Network Guru Member

    but read this:
    So when i have to use the internet port and when i have to use the "normal port"?
    And ... what features would i miss if i connect a router to the WRT54GS's "normal port"?
    And again ... will the wired network be separated by the wireless network?

  4. Esquire

    Esquire Mesquire Staff Member Member

    The problem is caused by the Zyxel being a router as well as a modem - in essence one is connecting a router (WRT54G) to another router (Zyxel) - both trying to provide DHCP to the network. The problem is identical if you try to connect two routers together. Here are a couple of setup examples. two WRT54G routers together.asp

    The WRT54G setup guide also instructs the user to connect the modem to the Internet port - it doesn't presume the modem being a router also. Broadband modems from my local ISPs connect via the Internet port just fine since they don't have NAT/routing/DHCP function.
  5. MetalBearSolid

    MetalBearSolid Network Guru Member

    you have been really helpful and gentle :)
    See you aorund in the forums :)
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