Somewhat complex setup, help doing it right ?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by cyberfunk, Jan 3, 2005.

  1. cyberfunk

    cyberfunk Network Guru Member

    Here is my desired setup, as a graphic, which seems most appropriate.


    As shown, the net connects through the cable modem, to a linksys cable router, which is setup to do NAT and serve DHCP requests (in the range --> onwards). All Cat5 links are purple.

    The linksys cable router is connected to a hub which is connected to a few hosts (about 2-4) and one Apple airport base station (old grey kind).

    Currently, the Apple airport basestation is set such that all wireless clients are bridged to the ethernet network, so that the linksys cable router feeds them IP addresses via DHCP.

    Now, here comes the part I cant figure out. I have a long range wifi link between the WRT54G and the Airport base station (or at least the capability for this link) using self-made cantennas that work quite well. This is indicated above by the dashed orange line.

    On the other side of that link, on the far side (WRT54G side) I wish to connect hosts to the same all inclusive network. In particular, the host (shown as a laptop) should be able to grab a DHCP address from the linksys cable router (as indicated w/ a brown line and appropriate IP address).

    How do I setup the WRT54G to do this ? I'm using the sveasoft Alchemy 5.4 firmware at the moment. I've been messing around with client feature, but i cant quite seem to get it to work properly. When i've set it in client mode, with the above shown IP address, and if I set the laptop manually with the right information then it will work, but it cant see anything ELSE on the local network or grab an IP from DHCP.

    In short, I want a pure bridge.... is this possible ? Am I setting it up wrong ?

    Thanks in advance, Cyberfunk.
  2. brian213

    brian213 Network Guru Member

  3. cyberfunk

    cyberfunk Network Guru Member

    After reading yours carefully, I think we're looking for a slightly different solution, you sound like you want WDS (so you can use wifi and network at the remote spot). While I'd like that, my airport doesnt do WDS (old airport) so I only have the client option open to me.
  4. brian213

    brian213 Network Guru Member

    Based on what you just said, it's almost the same, though I don't care about the wired, you are right, but our connection to the other AP is the same. The Netgear I have won't let me setup an AP to talk to it, so, I sort of think I need the WRT to be a client of the Netgear yet I want it to pass wireless traffic on to the Netgear.

    Hmm. Maybe I'm trying to do the wrong thing, or I need to figure out what that's called.

    I did some more testing. I put the WRT in client mode and it connected to the Netgear.

    Netgear is and gets gateway via DHCP from ISP.
    WRT is with gateway set to

    I set WDS up as "LAN" and the MAC address of the Netgear.

    I plugged my notebook into the wired ports for configuration. If I ssh'd into the WRT I could ping and outside the net, but I could not do so from the notebook.

    I disconnected from the wired port, connected via wireless and experienced the same thing. I think I also put it in AP mode, and either the same thing happened or something like I couldn't ping anymore, yet the status page on the WRT showed that it was connected to the Netgear.

    I am thinking of giving up on this (though I am stubborn and likely won't)...the Satori documentation seems to be lacking a lot. The current public version I found it quite a bit ahead of the documentation, which is unfortunate. Some of the the screens don't match what's in the docs, and I've not found any examples of how to do this...and though $20 isn't much, I don't want to pay it if it ends up I can't do what I'd like to and end up returning the WRT. :cry:

    Anybody know if the docs are any better when you pay?

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