SRw2024 Switch QoS setup

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by DuncanP, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. DuncanP

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    I have installed a Linksys SRW2024 switch (SRW2016 and SRW2048 have similar configurations) and have been attempting to have the QoS abilities of the switch work.

    Our configuration is this: A router to the Internet with 3200kbs upload and download is connected to one switch port. The other ports are connected to various Firewalls/Routers. I would like to use the QoS abilities of the switch so that more important traffic can flow to the Internet port. To do this I have started by leaving the switch in Basic QoS mode and tried establishing Bandwidth settings. I have found the following:

    If the port to the Internet has the bandwidth shaped in anyway, Egress or Ingress to the 3200kps rate, packets begin to be lost, even when nothing is accessing the port except for a testing system. If I try to set the Ingress from the other ports to 3200kps (which is to say Uploading) the throughput drops to below 30kps. I need to increase this port setting to over 9000kps before the port throughput returns to normal.

    The queues assignment to ports appears to do nothing. Other QoS setting changes also accomplish nothing.

    Has anyone been successful with a QoS configuration for this type of Linksys switch? If so, is there someplace that has clear instructions for the setup? Unfortunately the Linksys documentation and web site offers no assistance with real world setup of this part of the switch.
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