Discussion in 'Other Cisco Equipment' started by fred3, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. fred3

    fred3 Network Guru Member

    I'm getting way too many messages out of an SRW208 and an SRW2016 on the same network. It only happens on this one network. I've been dealing with this issue for a long time and can't find any resolution.
    I can imagine that turning off switch SNMP warnings might do it at the system level. But it seems odd there's no resolution at the switch level.
    I have read suggestions including setting an ACL to block UPNP traffic at the switch but one would have to ask: "Why should I block ANY traffic just to get the switch to behave?".

    Has anyone found a solution to this or dealt with it?

    The only solution I've found is to do periodic switch reboots. That does work but it's a PITA.
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