SRW248G4 firmware issue ! Anyone help please?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by matlocktr, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. matlocktr

    matlocktr Guest

    We have a Linksys SRW248G4 48 port switch on our network.
    Today i've downloaded latest firmware (1.2.1a) from Linksys official site.
    But some of the commands that we've using are gone away when i load this firmware.
    We dont have backup of the old firmware :(

    I've checked all of the site and ftp. And talked with the support person on Linksys..

    We must to find the old firmware about our device ? Can anyone help us ?
    We need any firmware before version 1.2.1a ... (I dont know the old version but the switch has been published on 03/2006) Can anyone send us the old firmwares ? Or say to us any download address?

    Hint : The old version has small dots on ethernet ports in the main page.. The new one has big pictures..

    We must find the firmware.. Please help us if u have..
    My mail is :

    Thank you,
    Dincer ISIK
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    i have 1.2.1b now if yu need it

    SRW224G4/SRW248G4 Firmware Revision History

    Software version 1.2.1b Date:31-Aug-06
    Boot version 102 Date:17-Aug-06
    Hardware version 1.1

    Known Issues in this release

    1. Admin --> Dynamic Address
    (a) The Address Table Sort key applies only to the page that is currently being viewed.
    (b) When performing a query, and displaying the results, pressing on the "Next" button may result in misleading displays in the Query section.

    2. Admin --> Port Mirroring
    After configuring port monitoring, the target port is grayed out, and cannot be modified.
    Recommended Workaround: Delete the mirroring session, and reconfigure.

    3. Setup --> Time
    The prioritization between servers is not maintained when two servers are configured simultaneously.

    4. SNMP --> Group Profile
    (a)Entries containing space-Bar characters at the begining of a User Name Can't be Deleted/Updated
    (b)After editing an existing group, it is not possible to select a security model for a new group.
    Recommended Workaround: Refresh the page prior to attempting to add a new group, after editing an existing one.

    5. Admin-> Firmware Upgrade
    When downloading via tftp or http, performing Power off/on to the device may result in requirement for downloading the image via XMODEM after the device recovers. When downloading via XModem, the device recovers by itself.
    Note: Avoid disconnecting the device from a power source during image upload

    6. Timestamps
    (a) The order of the month and day in the dates presented in syslog messages is the European fromat (dd/mm/yy), and not the US format.
    (b) SNMP traps are sent with a timestamp different from the actual time on the device, since the timestamp depends on the NMS configuration. The sequence is preserved.

    7. HTTP connections cannot be opened
    In very rare situations, when management sessions are opened and closed quite frequently, TCP sessions remain open after all HTTP sessions have been closed. Since connections are limited, the user cannot open HTTP connection in this situation. Only reboot or aging (few minutes) solves the problem.
    Recommended Workaround: Wait a few minutes, and try again. If this fails, then the switch must be rebooted.
    Note: It is possible to manage the device using a telnet session.

    8. Zoom image
    (a) When accessing the web based interface using HTTPS, the display zoom view image is missing and is not displayed on the window.
    (b) The zoom image is not consistent with the actual device. The GE ports should be in two rows, with two ports in each row, but are displayed differently in the zoom image.

    9. Virtual Cable Testing of Cable Length on FE Ports
    Virtual Cable Testing cannot be executed on FE ports to determine the length of the port.

    10. ACL --> IP Based ACL
    (a) One of the actions in ACL is "ShutDown", which results in denying the traffic, and shutting down the port. This "Shutdown" action is displayed as "Deny-Disable Port" in the web interface table.
    (b) Rules based on an IP address must not include leading zeros in the IP address. Entering leading zeros results in unpredictable behavior. For example, writing works, but does not work.
    (c) Certain fields in the existing Access Control Entry cannot be modified, including destination port (cannot be modified to any), wildcard, tcp flags.
    Recommended Workaround: Delete the ACE and create a new rule. Note that this rule is created at the end of the list of ACEs.

    11. ACL --> MAC Based ACL
    Creating a MAC ACL with to permit ethertype 0800 causes all traffic to be forwarded. Configuring a MAC ACL to permit ethertype 86DD causes all traffic to be denied.
    Recommended Workaround: To avoid these situations, add a rule to deny any any.

    12. QoS --> Advanced Mode
    (a) Newly created entries in the Advanced Mode are displayed in the table only after refreshing the table. For example, after creating a new policy, using the pop-up window, it is displayed only after refreshing the main window.
    (b) It is not possible to create two identical policers with the same settings and action.
    (c) Using the Bandwidth Screen, it is possible to configure weight = 0 on all four queues. Note that this configuration results in de facto denial of traffic to the CPU, so that no management can be performed.
    Recommended User Action: Avoid configuring weights for all four queues to 0.
    (d) The value zero appears as a legal value for rate limiting in the Bandwidth screen, when in fact this is illegal.
    (e) When configuring a policy with police - exceeded action - out of profile dscp, the policy must have an action: trust cos-dscp or set dscp. If you configure a policy with police - exceeded action - out of profile dscp without an action - the device configures the action to trust cos-dscp. If you configure a policy with police - exceeded action - out of profile dscp with an action set cos/queue, the device configures the action to set dscp 0.
    (f) When binding a policy to an interface, an irrelevant message appears. Note that the policy is still bound.

    13.Port security forward/discard trap
    While sending 1000 packetes to 10 address from a single port ,while the user Configures port security Discard/Forward trap 10,
    Device cannot sensd traps.

    pressing up/down buttons reloads the screen - unsaved data is lost

    15.QoS -> Bandwidth
    An error occurs when trying to configure traffic-shape on ethernet port above 62500 kbps.
    Diagnostic displayed is:"Maximum shaper rate limit exceeded. The maximum value is 62500 Kbps"

    16.Statistic -> Rmon alarm
    No available option in the 'counter name' drop down menu to set Rmon Alarm for GVRP.

    17.Statistics>Rmon events
    In case of an Rmon trap time is displayed incorrectly.
    Time Format of collumn time in Event Table is incomplete.

    In case of a port setting to auto mode with authentication to Radius server and Action on Violation to discard on this port,
    then If an unknown mac address are transmitted then the number of Violations counter is not changing.

    19.SNMP->Group Membership
    (a)Entries containing space-Bar characters at the begining of a User Name Can't be Deleted/Updated
    (b)Runtime Error occur when deleting 15 rows from the table at once

    20.Setup -> network settings
    When saving settings after changing an attribute field an error message pop-up "dns already exists".
    Work-around: User could enter the parameters through console menu.

    The user can configure 254 vlans only.

    22.SNMP >Notification Filter
    When adding a new filter name, following a selection of an object from the New Object Identifier Tree to be added to list, doesn't change the configuration.

    23.ACL ->IP Based acl
    After deleting IP based acl an error is shown "entry is incomplete"

    24. Web browser availability
    The web management interface is best viewed using Internet Explorer 5.5 and up, with a resolution of 1024 x 768. In the current software version, certain pages cannot be viewed well using other browsers. It is recommended to apply the following workarounds.
    Note: Internet Explorer web browser must be installed prior to running the following procedures.

    -Using Mozilla Firefox Web Browser:
    (a) Install Firefox "IE Tab" add-ons. The latest version is available on
    (b) Select Tools --> IE Tab. Add in the IP address of switches to Sites Fitters
    (e.g. “” accepts wildcard http://172.18.1.*).
    (c) Ensure that cookies are enabled, by clicking "enable" to "All sites to set cookies"Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Cookies.

    -Using Netscape Web Browser: Click the icon in the left corner, and select "IE Display"

    25. Illegal characters in web inteface
    Use of the following characters should be avoided when configuring using the web based interface: \ / : * ? < > |

    26. Menu CLI - Disable Active Management Access Profile
    This software version does not support Management ACL, so this option is irrelevant to the user. It is reserved for future use.
    "disable active mgmt access profile" is not working in menu console

    27. User name with blank password
    Configuration of a username with a blank password reduces security of the device. Any password can be entered, and will be accepted in the absence of a user-configured password. Note that the default user name is “admin”. This user name does not have a password associated with it. It is recommended to configure a password for the default user.

    28.QoS -> Advanced Mode
    Setting of an Action for CoS value assignment to a specific queue under a Policy, doesn't ensure trafic forwarding according to the interface to policy binding.
  3. guestman

    guestman LI Guru Member


    you can get the in Linksys FRANCE
  4. javier HORCAJUELO

    javier HORCAJUELO Reformed Router Member

    good afternoon
    I'm looking for the version 1.2.1b linsys SRW248G4 switch,
    I've been searching in many websites without result
    my email is
  5. petzi43

    petzi43 LI Guru Member


    Is 1.2.1b for SRW248G4 still available somewhere???
    I just also did the mistake to upgrade to 1.2.2 and 1.2.3 and I'm not able to manage the switch Webview anymore!

    With 1.2.1b there was the workaround with IE TAB...

    HELP ;-)

    Best regards

  6. philmills

    philmills New Member Member

    In IE 11 you can hit F12 which brings up developer tools.
    On the right select the arrow next to the computer icon and select which IE version you want to emulate.
    I selected 8, and I can now use Linksys webview.
    In the debugger tab you also need to select "never break on exceptions" (hexagonal icon)
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