SRW248G4 - reset? Not responding properly

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by glen4cindy, Jan 26, 2016.

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    I bought a used SRW248G4 switch. First, it will work if I plug the cable from my router into the Gig 1 port and then computers into the other ports.

    However, I would like to be able to manage it. It does not show up in the list of devices on my router, but, seems to me like it should have an IP address since it's a managed switch. The default does not launch the web interface.

    I've tried using a console cable and Putty. I can get to a menu where there is an option to ignore the current password but. You are then supposed to reboot and use default username/password. I still cannot log into the switch. It is not accepting "admin - blank password"

    Since I cannot get to the web interface I do not know of a way to do a factory reset to get rid of the old settings. I saw the following procedure:

    2. Reboot switch (Remove power)
    3. Hold down Ctrl U while rebooting
    a. Menu will be displayed
    4. Select> [D] Delete file
    5. Type startup-config

    However, the filename is only 8 characters so "startup-config" cannot be right.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.
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