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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by perak, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. perak

    perak Network Guru Member


    trying to solve a problem with not being able to ping computer names only thier IP:s after successfully connecting with QuickVPN to a Win2000-server domain. I belive this has to do with connection to the remote LAN DNS server.

    I instead configured and connected a SSH VPN Client (1.4.1) to the RV082 (fw from a dynamic to a fixed IP follwing the RouterWorld (link in this forum) config suggestions, client as an MicrosoftVPN client and router client to gateway group VPN.

    The VPN connection comes up quick and easy and I can even connect QuickVPN to the router from another computer when the SSH connection is established. The opposite order is not possible.

    NOW, the question, the problem is the same as for the QuickVPN,
    I can only ping IP:s and not names.
    In the SSH client there is a possibility to configure an IP to the remote LAN DNS server and DHCP over IPsec.
    After trying to configure this, it is completely impossible to get a
    VPN connection. Removing this config in the client and VPN connection works again.

    Any ideas how to configure the SSH client?

    Is the IP/name translation a router (RV082) problem or is it a problem with the Win2000-server configuration?

  2. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    The primary DNS server address on the client PC should be set to the IP address of the Win2k server.
  3. perak

    perak Network Guru Member

    If I set the primary DNS before connection it often becomes "downgraded" to 2:nd at connection.

    The minimum settings for clients to our Win2k-server network to be able to ping names is the following (I believ it may be wrongly configured):

    Win2000 + QuickVPN:
    NetBIOS over TCP/IP enabled and WINS-server IP given

    WinXP + SSH Client:
    NetBIOS over TCP/IP enabled

    Even if I do not set the IP id for the remote LAN DNS this works.
    For QuickVPN the remote LAN appears then as the third DNS
    server after the RV082 IP (1st) and the local DNS IP (2nd) where the computer is connected at the moment.

  4. TazUk

    TazUk Network Guru Member

    If your connecting to a Windows 2000 or newer server using a 2000 or XP client then NetBIOS isn't used. What's used in it's place is SMB, with DNS for the name resolution.

    In SSH Sentinel under the Virtual IP Address dialog box there's an option to specify a DNS and WINS server there, is this where you've set it?
  5. perak

    perak Network Guru Member

    Yes, this is where I set this, but then VPN connection
    to the RV082 is impossible for me.
    I tried "all" possible config in this dialog box.
    I do not change anything on the Rv082 (fw or
    the LAN server.


    btw, I've checked the Win2000 server and we have WINS configured and running on it as we previously had some problems with the DNS and we also have a WinNT server as fileserver.
    I am not experienced in this as we use external resources for the network/server configurations.
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