stability with dsl6000 (6mbit) and wrt54gs router?

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by cfrank30, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. cfrank30

    cfrank30 Network Guru Member

    Im planning to get dsl6000 (6mbit) download and 768 kbit upload. How stable is this connection with this router?
    i checked with a benchmark (netio) and i get a this benchmark with netio:

    TCP/IP connection established.
    Packet size 1 KByte: 882 KByte/s
    Packet size 2 KByte: 874 KByte/s
    Packet size 4 KByte: 1063 KByte/s
    Packet size 8 KByte: 1178 KByte/s
    Packet size 16 KByte: 1243 KByte/s
    Packet size 32 KByte: 1397 KByte/s


    i think im really at the maximum of the capacity of the router.

    is this a stabliilty reason?
  2. devil-strike

    devil-strike Network Guru Member

    No 6Mbit is not the max of the router.

    i have 20Mbit cable and i have 10a14Mbit over on my WRT54G v2.2
    Download spweed around 2400KB/ps.

    So yes 6Mbit can be handeled.
  3. Lazybones

    Lazybones Network Guru Member

    I can get 6Mbit easy on my 7MBit connection.

    The trouble is the speed tests.. Unless the test is hosted on your ISPs network you could encounter many slowdows because of the way the interent works.. You will probably never see 6Mbit speeds from a single source out side your ISP network.. but all hope is not lost in maxing your connection..

    Some download accelerators and most p2p clients will open several connections to many different hosts.. the combined speed of these connections can somethings saturate your connection.. I have done it a few times with some Bitttorents. The best part is that on a 6-7Mbit connection you should be able to stream music, play online games and download stuff all at the same time.

    Hell I have Primus VOIP on my line..

    If you ahve enabled the QOS feature on you router you will loss some of the top end of your speed but it makes for a more reliable connection for things like VOIP.
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