Stack of three WRT's, WiFi all or one?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by psguardian, Sep 16, 2009.

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    Hello All,
    I am a new recruit to the WRT scene, been using them for years as stock boxes, only now have I started to really see the benefit to 3rd party firmwares. I have spent about 6hrs (on the clock) this last week browsing the forums for info on a similar setup & have come up empty so I humbly ask for relevant/useful community input.

    My devices = WRT54GL(tomato 1.25), WRT54GS v7(stock), WRTU54G-TM(stock), 6 wired desktop comps, 1 wired network printer, 3 wireless B/G laps, 1 wireless Wii, 2 wireless smart phones. the GL is set as main router, GS v7 as a switch, G-TM as switch/VOIP (tmob home phone line).

    My setup = comcast 8-12mb up / 2.5-4mb down (depending on neighborhood WAN load, I have reservations about the accuracy of these #s due to 'power boost' but that's another conversation) Cable Modem->WRT54GL(tomato 1.25)->WRT54GS v7(stock) & WRTU54G-TM(stock) all stacked together on top of my comp desk located bottom center in a two story 2000sqft house.

    My question = Will I get better Wireless coverage by setting all three devices to the same WiFi settings for a total of 5 antennas(WRTU54G-TM only 1 ant) OR leave as it is, disable WiFi on the WRT54GS v7 & WRTU54G-TM leaving the WRT54GL(tomato) as the sole WiFi transmitter? any PROs/CONs to either option?

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