Static DHCP Problem

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by andersonbc, Dec 20, 2006.

  1. andersonbc

    andersonbc LI Guru Member

    Hello everybody!

    I've tried creating a static IP on a Tomato'd WRT54G and WHR-HP-G54 without any success. After saving my settings, the Mac Address field shows up as "00:00:00:00:00:00" and the host name is blank. Basically, I can't get the settings to stick.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  2. njeske

    njeske Network Guru Member

    every device on my network uses static dhcp. granted, that was all setup a couple releases ago and i haven't wiped NVRAM since then, so i can't guarantee it would all work if i tried setting it up right now.
  3. digitalgeek

    digitalgeek Network Guru Member

    did you remember to click save at the bottom of the page after create the table entry?
  4. andersonbc

    andersonbc LI Guru Member

    Yes on the save question.

    Now that I am home I think I will just reset my NVRAM and try to setup the static DHCP entries first. I'll know in a few minutes if it works...

    Thanks for your replies. :)
  5. digitalgeek

    digitalgeek Network Guru Member

    Using Ver1.01 I just created a static entry... I went to devicelist and clicked on the related ip at wich point I was sent to the static dhcp page. I then clicked ADD and then SAVE.... and it has retained the setting.
  6. andersonbc

    andersonbc LI Guru Member

    Digitalgeek, you are right- I was not hitting ADD before I hit SAVE. I was assuming that the content in the bottom editable row would save. I'm a former DD-WRT guy and the ADD\Save process is different in Tomato. Thanks again for the replies.

    Go Tomato!

    PS. If someone is willing to humor me once more: I can't get the WINS address to save on the "Basic: Network" page. Can anyone tell me if I am once again being an idiot!?

  7. turbo53

    turbo53 Network Guru Member

    I just tried it and the WINS address doesn't save for me either. I guess not too many people use WINS servers at home and this wasn't caught in the testing. I think you've found a bug.

    Jon posts an email address at the Tomato home page (it's at the bottom) to which you can send bug reports. I suggest that you do so.

    I'm not posting the email address here to protect Jon from bots that look for email addresses on forums and then spam the address.
  8. andersonbc

    andersonbc LI Guru Member

    Done. Thanks for verifying. :wink:
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