static ip by MAC assignment

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by superflysocal, Jul 28, 2004.

  1. superflysocal

    superflysocal Network Guru Member

    I am new to this firmware and cannot find adequate docs anywhere?

    how do you set up static IP through MAC assignment?
  2. cmumford

    cmumford Network Guru Member

    Look in Administration -> Management. In the section titled Dhcpd you will see the static allocations:

    Each line should look like this:

    <pre> ip_address MAC_address hostname</pre>

    So here is an example:

    <pre> 00:60:35:00:60:35 cerberus</pre>
  3. superflysocal

    superflysocal Network Guru Member

    i actually don't see anything listed. there is a big blank. dhcpd is enabled. how do i add to that listing?
  4. superflysocal

    superflysocal Network Guru Member

    i tried enetering values directly but keep getting invalid values error. should the ip be in the DHCP range or outside? is a host name required. if it is where do i find my host name or do i make one up?

    sorry but this is not as straightforward as on my compaq router.
  5. rwhitby

    rwhitby Network Guru Member

    The IP can be inside or outside the DHCP range, as long as the first three octets are the same (e.g. 192.168.1.x).

    You do need to give a host name, and for you personally it *must* be named "superflysocal" (same as your LinksysInfo user name) or else your router won't work properly when accessing these forums.

    -- Rod [;-)]
  6. superflysocal

    superflysocal Network Guru Member

    i got this to work but now i am confused about your last statement. My host name has to be the same as my username on this forum? it is not right now.

    Please elaborate..what if i have a different user name on another forum?
  7. rwhitby

    rwhitby Network Guru Member

    I was just pulling your leg.

    You can choose any host name you like - it has no correlation at all to your username on any forum :)

    -- Rod
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