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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by willfitz, Sep 26, 2006.

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    Hi all,

    i have just installed my SPA9000 for the 100th time!

    it kept crashing after a day or so and i could not make calls or receive calls until i did a reboot and that would last another few hours.

    I had set the PBX a static IP settings and i think it may have been wrong with giving it 2 public DNS server IP's of my broadband provider.

    in the end i have now set the PBX to a Dynamic IP address.

    I would like to set it a static IP adddress so i will do a clean reinstall of the PBX and 2 SPA942 phones.

    when i run the Linksys wizard and when i click on the static IP address for the PBX i am presented with a number of options.

    i am thinking i leaveing the DNS entries blank or if i am forced to choose one i will set it to the IP of the router.

    so is this a valid PBX static configuration:
    static IP=
    Default gateway =
    DNS prim = leave blank
    DNS sec = leave blank

    also when using the wizard i beleive the phones are given 2 dynamic IP address. i wonder should i also give these static IP addesses via the web interface to the phones.
    again assign a IP address outside the DHCP range of router and assign just the default gateway and leave DNS fields blank>


    maybe i should also set the primary DNS of both PBX and 2 phones to be the same IP of router (default gateway)?

    FYI: my network config is:

    Dlink G624T router (port 1) --> 8-port Linksys Switch --> PC, Laptop, printer, scanner and a windows small business server

    Dlink G624T router (port 2) --> Linksys SPA9000

    Dlink G624T router (port 3) --> Linksys SPA942

    Dlink G624T router (port 4) --> Linksys SPA942

    NAT issues:
    i never had to do anything with NAT on the router to allow voice calls. it seems to allow incoming and out going calls magically!!

    maybe i should still physically set this on the router.
    and i then think i need to enable yes to both ‘NAT Mapping Enable’ and ‘NAT Keep Alive Enable’ in the line tabs of the PBX.

    kind regards,
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