Steps to setup VPN between WRV200 router and Quick VPN

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JD001, Sep 14, 2008.

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    I am running XP with SP2 on both sides. I need to setup VPN WRV200 and installed Quick VPN software on XP at home. I am unable to connect. Please someone can provide me the steps involve in setting up on both sides. WRV200 has latest firmware and clinet has latest Quick VPN both downloaded from linksys website. Thanks for your help.
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    Further to my previous post, when I try to connect throgh Quick VPN installed on PC with XP SP3, it shows "remote gateway is not responding".

    I am using following setting

    router configuration:
    #1. Basic Setup, set MTU to manual and to 1492.
    #2. In the Firewall - General Tab , DoS Prevention must be disabled, and everything else unchecked.
    #3. VPV - VPN Client access, enter user name and password.
    #4. VPN - VPN Passthrough - All Enabled.
    #5. VPN - IPSec VPN -did not touch and here are the enteries:

    section VPN Tunnel:

    vpn tunnel: disabled
    name: blank
    NAT-Traversal: disabled

    Local secure group:
    type: IP adress
    IP address:

    Remote secure group:
    type: IP adress
    IP address:

    Remote secure Gateway:
    type: IP adress
    IP address:

    Key Management:

    did not change anything either

    Here is the VPN log on the router:

    041 [Sat 21:18:40] listening for IKE messages
    042 [Sat 21:18:40] forgetting secrets
    043 [Sat 21:18:40] loading secrets from "/etc/ipsec.secrets"

    Home side I am using Dlink router DI-624 and IPs are and IPsec on the router is enabled.

    On office side IP is with linksys WRV200 router.

    Please let me know what changes should I do. Thanks for your help.
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