Stock wireless power rating for various linksys routers.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dino74, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. dino74

    dino74 Network Guru Member

    I was looking for transmit power of various wrt54g models.
    It took a while but I finally got the info at

    SPEC is what is specified by linksys.
    TEST is what the testers measured.
    Some measurements varied by 10mw depending
    on which channel it was on so I interpolated them.

    I hope I read the data correctly.

    BTW:Checkout v5

    wrt54g v1
    SPEC 52mw
    TEST .11b 44mw .11g 47mw

    wrt54g v1.1
    SPEC 42.07mw
    TEST DSSS 28mw OFDM 35mw

    wrt54g v2.0 wrt54gs v1.0-2.0
    SPEC Can't find
    TEST .11b 44mw .11g 36mw

    wrt54g v2.2-3.1 wrt54gs v2.2-3.0
    SPEC 63
    TEST .11b 58mw .11g 57mw

    wrt54g v4.0 wrt54gs v4.0
    SPEC .11b 83mw .11g 75.5mw
    TEST .11b 82mw .11g 74mw

    wrt54g v5.0
    SPEC .11b 127mw .11g 159mw
    TEST .11b 126mw .11g 157mw

    Some others.

    SPEC .11b 102.8mw .11g 113.24mw
    TEST .11b 101mw .11g 112mw

    SPEC 58mw
    TEST 58mw

    My old router.
    befw11s4 v3
    SPEC 84mw
    TEST 78mw
  2. galfert

    galfert Network Guru Member

    This is great! Thank you so much.

    I was upset that the WRTSL54GS didn't have a removeable antenna. But after seeing this it seem the WRTSL54GS is quite powerful.

    The WRTSL54GS kepts impressing me. I really think it should be universally be adopted by the firmware hacking community as thee router to buy. I can't wait to start seeing great things done with this router, more than has been done before by previous models.
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