Storage page problem on the SL using https - hangs

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by Lumute, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. Lumute

    Lumute Network Guru Member


    On my SL using Thibor 15b, if I try to go to the Storage Management page using https there is a blank page in IE, in Firefox it shows this:

    var wipe_disks_array = new Array(); var erase_type = "no"; function available_disks() { return []; } function available_disk_sizes() { return []; } function claimed_disks() { return []; } function claimed_disk_interface_names() { return []; } function claimed_disk_model_info() { return []; } function claimed_disk_serial_numbers() { return []; } function claimed_disk_total_size() { return []; } function claimed_disk_health() { return []; } function blank_disks() { return []; } function blank_disk_interface_names() { return []; } function blank_disk_model_info() { return []; } function blank_disk_serial_numbers() { return []; } function blank_disk_total_size() { return []; } function blank_disk_health() { return []; } function foreign_disks() { return ["

    Then after that, the https server hangs for a couple of minutes, no other pages can be seen using https, I will try to look into this to see if I find the cause...

    Another problem using https is that if I reboot the router then Firefox complains with an error about something with the serial number of the certificate and then the only way to access is deleting the certificate from the firefox list (if you selected to save the certificate) or closing all firefox windows (if you selected to use it only for one session). This does not happen with IE.
  2. dbergl

    dbergl Network Guru Member

    I had the same problem. I had to stop using SSL and go back to using HTTP only.

  3. columbusGEEK

    columbusGEEK LI Guru Member

    I see the same two issues myself.

    The security cert actually stays fine as long as you don't reboot your router I beleive, and thats normal behavior unless I am mistaken. This insures nobody from the outside world is getting into your admin, just you.

    As for the USB issue, I get that too. I found that if I enabled https and turned off http under /admin/mgmnt it didnt hang up and throw the error. If I turn off http and enable https, then the error throws and locks up the web interface.

    Also in addition if I enable https AND SSHD under SSH daemon I still get the long error msg, but the router web interface does'nt freeze.

    Basically what dbergl said but with more words. :sheesh:
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