Strange behavior of E1200V2

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by mercurio_, Oct 27, 2013.

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    in the ground floor of our house i have a 2.4G router connected to the internet.

    to use internet all over the house i have the following setup in the second floor:

    1x AC66U:
    2.4G in WET mode, connected to the ground floor router
    5G in AP mode

    1x E1200V2:
    2.4G in AP mode

    i bridged the ac66u to one vlan that only accesses port1. this port is then connected by wire to the e1200's wan port (because i need to separate the nets and need a firewall inbetween). one ethernet port of the e1200 is then connected back to port4 of the ac66u. this port is on a separate wan that is bridged to the 5G wifi.

    if you wonder why i don't use the e1200 in sta mode as a client and feed this to the ac66u's wan port, this is because its wifi coverage is really bad compared to the ac66u. i would like to run the ac66u in sta mode but it is broken and i did not manage to fix it (although i did a lot of test and i am pretty sure that either the in driver supplicant is misconfigured or broken).

    the strange thing is the following:
    if i connect a client to the e1200's ap i get low speeds (lower than 2Mbit)
    if i connect the same client to the ac66u's ap i get speeds that are about four times higher (about 8Mbit)

    i wonder how this can be as the packages have to travel trough the e1200 bridge to the ac66u.

    anny ideas what's going on?
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