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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Janto, Mar 3, 2005.

  1. Janto

    Janto Network Guru Member

    hi i have something really strange....we have 2 pc`s one is mine other from my mom, the problem is there is low signal @ pc 2 but thats not the cause, suddenly there was no connectivity @ pc2 and windows says there is no wifi found ? so i reboot the router.........mine does connect but still pc2 doesn`t connect.......also i believe that the firmware is f*cked ? because i did everyhin setup and then i go to transmit pwr, i set it to 84% and then it happend.......the pwr led keeps flashing...that`s weird it never did, so i reboot the modem and everything was function ok, BUT...the i-net led was off...........and i saw on my modem that the eth led was flashing in every 4 sec? so i reboot the rout again and it worked ! but pc 2 can`t still connect ? and just now.. i would send this doc, and conn was down :(

    damn...every 2 min i lose connection...

    UPDATE: there is no way i can`t connect trough wifi now ? if i seleft refresh then i see my router..iclick on it and connect....and then it isn`t connect ?, weird of it is......i connected a cable...and did select trnspower and the led is blinking 2 sec? also i don`t have the random disco`s now....
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