Strange issue: wireless on/off not working properly

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by prometheus73, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. prometheus73

    prometheus73 LI Guru Member

    Strange issue: wlan randomly not working

    Hello! :)

    I have a strange issue with my wrt54gl (v1.1) and thibor15c.
    I normally switch off the router at night and I like it to boot up with the wireless off. I turn on the wireless when needed through the Cisco button (SecureEasySetup is disabled).
    Now, when I push the Cisco button, despite the small green wlan led lighting up (!), the wlan often remains off and my notebook (and other pc's as well) cannot find the home wireless network.
    The only turnaround I found, is entering the router admin menu and saving the "wireless security" settings like AES, etc. (even without changes!). If I do this, then the router (and the Cisco button) works normally again for a few days but it will eventually have the same issue. I could reproduce the same problem with other 2 wrt54gl (v1.1). I believe, that I carefully followed the instructions for installing the firmware (hard reset, clear nvram, etc.)...

    Do you have an idea, how I could sort out this problem? Is something wrong in my script below?
    Here is my startup script: the router starts with wireless set to off and also uses the led command taken from thibor's site.

    ifconfig eth1 down
    I=`nvram get wl0_ifname`
    while sleep 1; do
    if [ "`wl assoclist`" != "" ]; then
    XFER=`ifconfig $I|grep bytes`
    if [ "$XFER" != "$PXFER" ]; then
    LED="am on wh on"
    LED="am on wh of"
    LED="am of wh of"
    if [ "$LED" != "$PLED" ]; then
    led $LED

    Your help is very much appreciated, many thanks in advance!
  2. prometheus73

    prometheus73 LI Guru Member

    Nobody can help? :rolleyes:
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