Strange problem with two WRT54GS via WDS

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Quince, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. Quince

    Quince Network Guru Member


    since this morning I have a strange problem with my two WRT54GS. I hope anyone can help me!
    I've configured my WLAN a few weeks before with the following configuration:

    --------------------------- <WLAN>
    DSL-Modem <cable> WRT54GS1 <cable> PC1
    --------------------------- <WLAN>

    Till yesterday evening everything works fine!
    This morning I try to connect to any Router per WLAN and there is nothing. I didn't change any configuration ore something like this.
    I was investigating the problem and found out the following:
    I put all my equipment in one room ->
    Notebook 1 and 2 are not able to connect to Router 1 (DHCP Server) per WLAN. PC1 is connected to Router 1 per Ethernet and is reachable. I checked configuration of Router 1 and 2 and nothing was changed.
    The Notebooks are scanning and sometimes they find the WLAN for half a minute (with 100% signal strength and link quality!) then loose it again. After a few minutes they find it again and loose it again. Later on they find nothing more...

    I have WDS enabled with the satori firmware and changed the Xmit Power to 60mW. I also tried it now with default factory setting of 28mW but it didn't help.

    I don't know what to do anymore. I'm definetly at the end with my small knowledge...

    Please HELP me!!!!

  2. Quince

    Quince Network Guru Member change "later on they find nothing more"...there are some findings later on also...sometimes Router1 and sometimes Router2.

  3. Quince

    Quince Network Guru Member

    Nobody any idea?

    After setting Xmit to 28mW (standard) again it works for a few hours. But yesterday evening everything was down again...

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